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Register to Vote

This is the last weekend to register to vote in many states.

Are you registered? Do you know where to vote? A few non-partisan institutions are working hard to make sure every potential voter can navigate the voting laws of their state. is a project of the non-partisan Election Protection coalition. Their Web site has a state by state guide to voting laws, as well as guides for specific communities such as college students or people who have recently lost their homes in the mortgage crisis. They also operate a hot-line for voters who show up at the polls to find their names removed from the voter list: 1-866-OUR-VOTE.

Take a few minutes to go there now, familiarize yourself with your state's
voting laws, and register. And, remind your friends and family of the upcoming deadlines.


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If you fail to vote, then you will be prohibited from complaining for four years.(So they say.) Under Palin's new statute resistance will be futile and fines will pile up on those who resist. When you finally repent and go back to vote in 2012, you'll be arrested and imprisoned for unpaid fines. So you'd better vote now. Hell, vote two times for both McCain and Obama and complain twice as much, out of both sides of your mouth.
Or, you could just admit only two viable choices in this nightmare system, with Obama being slightly less worse. Then you could march with me to the Inaugural Jan. 20th and help push his ass.
But I guess you'd rather sit on the couch and complain. Thinking is easier than doing.

Hand him my McCain who is Palin in comparison to Obamanation that is Biden their time.

McCain: "My friends....BS...BS...BS..."

Obama: "Listen...BS...BS...BS..."

McCain the Maverick. Not.
More like a Pinto!

Obama, the man of Change. I don't think so. That may what we will all have left in our pockets in a few months! Cha Ching!

Over FORTY years of speaking truth to power.

They tell me that I am wasting my vote. Funny! That's what I tell everyone else who votes for their evil of two lessers.


Roy writes:

Let's see....

My choice is for more war, or more war. More budget deficits or more budget deficits (read devalued currency. --> destroyed savings). More empire or More empire.

The 2006 election really sealed the deal for me. I saw Dems running on anti-war platforms and such. Then they get into office and vote right along with Bush.

No more.

The way Ron Paul was treated by the war mongers on both sides of the aisle was disgusting and makes me embarrassed to be an American.

We are the Third Reich of the 21st century (minus the holocaust). A bully nation using its military unilaterally to enforce its will on other nations. At some point other nations are going to stop being afraid to stand up to us, and may even bring the war to our shores. I fervently hope that does not happen.

Sorry but that's how I see it and no matter which stooge wins none of the policies that have bankrupted this country are going to change. So what's the farking difference?

The sheople will vote on irrelevant issues, like skin color or whatever. Things that have absolutely no bearing on how we got here and what we can do to improve our situation.

No one wants to talk about the REAL issues and we are doomed because of it.


I have decided to do a protest vote and write in the one person corporations hate and fear - and MSM corporations banned from their media: Kucinich

Either way you look at it - McCain will win through dirty tricks and denying registered voters their opportunity - just like the last two elections.

Wouldn't it be funny if neither candidate won because Americans across the nation decided to write in a candidate?

I abstain.

Do you really think that we have 50% - 50% chance to pick the right answer for Washington?

Or are we 100% guaranteed to continue with a lying rhetorician in the White House?

No, I refuse to vote for MC or OB

My vote is abstention.

For I learned long ago that politicians are all cut from the same cloth. Until I hear some honesty in a candidate I will continue to abstain.

Voting just got us in the mess we are in, so voting does little to fix the problem and in reality it just perpetuates it.

To offer a citizen the glimmer of hope that their vote may change political business as usual is a real crime.

Did either of the candidates OB or MC tell it to the country straight about the 'financial reamout' they rushed through?

Change is the buzzword for 2008 for change!

In politics substantive change is only paid lip service. Our whole system fights change. And if perchance some change does come about it is quickly squelched every 4 years by the new incoming administration and we backslide.

One candidate may have better spin on the question - so you vote for him or her. But when it comes down to it - politicians are pretty much all lying the ignorant public just votes for the best liar!
Politicians are the lowest of the low - hypocrites and haggard shells of humans that spin webs of deceit to entrap their prey with so many lies you politicians dream up to screw the American public.

Lets look at an example. Pres Carter was gung -ho on renewables so he installed solar panels on the white house roof. Reagan comes in and removes the solar panels.

Instead of keeping any good gov workers that really work for the citizens. These folks must go and the current political deity puts their cronies and high dollar contributors in power every 4 years.

If one party is in the white house and another party is in the congress most of the time is spent battling each other and trying to make your enemies look bad.

As the dieoff approaches we will still no doubt be putting all our hopes in the next political deity that tells us he or she can transform our world.

We need to send the republicians and democrats a very very strong message people.They passed this bailout when every poll said the people didn,t want it! I gave up voting 14 yrs ago but you know what people instead of not voting for McCAIN or OBAMA or not voting at all.Lets vote and support other parties like the LIBERTARIAN or INDEPENDENT parties just to name a few.Remember many many many people died fighting for our right to vote.Lets show the dems and repubs that we have had enough of them running this once great country down.A strong showing will make them think twice or atleast maybe get those boneheads to use what little brains they are sitting on.

Please give your Journal viewers follow up of your October 3 note about certain people in Pennsylvania with an outstanding traffic fine will be apprehended at the polls.

Wow, every 4 years, the Democrats spend millions getting young people to vote and what happens every Nov. NOTHING, all those young voters stayed home, most slept through the afternoon, others just got lazy and didn't go.
What's different about this year, nothing.
Oh, bye the way ever since the DNC took over both houses of government, our country has turned into crap! If we elect democrats to rule all the branches, who are going to look over them, themselves thats a joke! Charles Ragel wont pay his taxes, so the Democrats turn a blind eye. What else will they turn a blind eye to......

How the devil do they get away with spending money they don't have?
Maybe a hanging is in order.

I will not vote for the first time in 52 years. There is no choice for a lesbian in this country. Both candidates reject marriage equality and the resultant rights granted to the members of this club. I am in exile in Germany because my partner cannot get residency in the US. Obama, a product of a mixed race marriage, is a hypocrite in rejecting the needs of US gays and lesbians with non US partners, by not signing on to UAFA, the Uniting American Families Act, which would have given my partner residency. He uses the same arguments used earlier for mixed race couples -- God did not intend it to be that way.
McCain cheated on his first wife and got himself a new one with a lot of change.

So much for the sanctity of marriage.

I am 70 and have had to sell my home and give away my possessions to be with the woman I love.

Good bye America, and good luck.

I was a poll watcher in the 2006 election, which meant I just sat at the poll all day long, watching to see if there were any irregularities of any kind. It was in the basement of a church in an African American neighborhood in Cincinnati. It was one of the most profoundly moving experiences I have ever had and it makes me choke up to remember it. All day long I saw people stand in line, old, young, rich, poor waiting their turn to vote. The precinct captain had been at this precinct for many years and was able to greet many people by name. More than once she took a ballot set up out to someone's car that was too feeble to walk in and vote. I saw young people slowly reading the long ballot to their grandparent, unable to read if for themselves. People came in with their lists of who they wanted to vote for, filled out the ballots slowly and carefully, then stood by and made sure the ballot was processed correctly. It was clearly profoundly important to them and it should be to all of us.

Anybody that takes if for granted should spend a little bit of time in a third world country where people have nothing, and no hope and no rights or anybody to help them.

These candidates are not perfect, and neither is the system, but it will only get worse if we let apathy and corruption win.

I will not be voting this year for the first time since I registered at age 21.

The politicians have sold us out and I see no hope. Rest in Peace America. :(

Its the Republican party that caused the collapse of Wall Street - they (starting with Reagan, then Bush and Bush, now McCain )
called Democrats big government socialist, and got Democrats unelected (including me ).

Its time for Repubs to leave office since they have brought us to the brink of The Great Depression with their deregulation.

Wayne Raasch
Lissie Tx

It is importan to VOTE, why? Think about this: Is Palin just another pretty face in the Republican mirror of society? Look at the old man who surrounds himself with beauty queens. Clearly he's no beauty. i.e. Mz Puff-n-snort the woman who speaks for McCain often, interrupts and smirkingly smiles at such men as the honorable and intelligent Frederico Pena on PBS? Now "HE" (John McCain)has chosen Mrs. Palin, a pretty face to be sure, but a commomer, not likely! A person does not become Governor by getting food stamps or living on minimum wages...poor hockey Mom? This woman relates to the men in our society that think...'Gee, John has her near by, so I can also have such a woman near by too...I just have to vote for McCain.' And now our women...perhaps they are thinking Palin is just like them...again not likely. Once she gets the silver spoon out of her mouth and quits smiling her perfect teeth in societies mirror, one realizes she simply does not answer questions put to her. She scares the hell out of me. If Big John won't press the nuclear button she sure would! I look into the mirror and not see myself but rather another Miss America Pageant leading our country. Is that what we want? The world is changing by leaps and bounds, the time of Bush, McCain and others of that ilk will be washed off the mirror for they are not the future, their time is over and they do not see it. This world belongs to the young people of this world. They will be the ones who solve global warming, will bring on renewable safe engery for the world, for they do not hold the predjudices that so sway those in the mirror. Good bye Miss America, Sarah Palin, Mz. Puff-n-snort for that multi-racial, multi-ethnic college sophmore is using Windex!

Would the candidates answer the following question?

If the govt allows, for example, oil companies to drill in off-shore locations, would they support restricting those companies to sell the output they achieve ONLY to the US and not export it to other countries??


Does it matter who will be the “EXECUTIONER”?
Is there a difference if “one cuts” and the “other butchers”?
Is it not a fact that we have only “one party – party of money”?
Is it not a discrimination when other parties are excluded?
Is not a fact that we are denied to “participate in the process of power”?
It is a fact that we are not permitted to express are “WILL on all ISSUES”!
We are not allowed to “express our will” on “$850 billion dollars issue”!
Both candidates voted for the “approval of the $810 billion dollars bail out”!
To further keep the oppression and preserve status quo - their personal interest,
they will increase the police force by 100,000 more man!
“Register to vote” and pick an apple of one of the two bushels of rotten apples,
which one would you pick?

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