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Burning Questions  

Many critical election issues go under-reported by the mainstream media, leaving voters with what we call "burning questions." They cover everything from the integrity of electronic voting to targeted voter suppression. Below, we attempt to address some of these questions with our award-winning NOW on PBS broadcast and online investigations.

Are voting machines vulnerable to political manipulation? GO
What is voter caging? GO
Are "voter ID" laws committing voter suppression? GO
Is the Electoral College system fair? GO
Are minorities being targeted for voter suppression? GO
Can lobbyists affect the outcome of an election? GO
How might the Internet affect the outcome of an election? GO
What is the political purpose of evangelical voters? GO
How might Latinos affect the outcome of the election? GO
How do money and campaign contributions affect an election? GO
Can so-called "clean elections" work in a system so influenced by money? GO
Are my state's "homegrown" ballot initiatives coming from out-of-state? GO
Who's behind smear campaigns and political rumors? GO

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