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Community Pioneers

Fixing the Future profiles people creating the new economy and sustainable ways of living from the ground up. Learn more about their stories and watch video of these local pioneers in action.

Sustainable Communities

Location: Bellingham, Washington and beyond

Local Pioneers

Tags: sustainable jobs; green jobs; local buying and selling; reef net fishing; Finnish robots

Tiny House Movement

Shoot Location: Bellingham, Washington

Local Pioneers

  • Peter Frazier, an architect who built and works in a tiny office, to live more sustainably and improve the quality of his life.

  • Paul Cocke, lives in a “house” complete with kitchen, bed, fold out table, and toilet - attached to the back of his bicycle, which runs on biodiesel.

Tags: tiny house; tiny office; bike house; sustainable chiropractor

Worker-owned Cooperative

Shoot Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Local Pioneers

  • Mendrick Addison of Evergreen Cooperative Laundry, a worker-owned co-op committed to environmentally-friendly laundry services.

  • Ted Howard of Community Wealth, a group that provides tools and information on community-based economic development.

Tags: producer co-ops; consumer co-ops; worker co-ops; community development; green laundry

Worker-owned Cooperatives, Part 2

Shoot Location: Austin, Texas

Local Pioneers

  • Sylvia Barrios, Kellee Coleman, Jeanette Monsalve and Raquel Rodriguez of Yo Mamas Catering Cooperative.

  • Carlos Perez de Alejo of the Third Coast Workers for Cooperation, which helps people establish and manage their own worker-owned, cooperative business.

Tags: worker co-ops; small business; co-op management; non-profit bank; empanadas

Community-based Banking and Investing

Shoot Location: Fargo, North Dakota

Local Pioneer

  • Ron Mueller of Bremer Bank, which focuses on lending locally and donating a major portion of profits to causes in the communities the branches serve.

Tags: community banking; employee-owned business; the upside of knowing who you lend $ to

Time Banking

Shoot Location: Portland, Maine

Local Pioneers:

  • Richard Rockefeller of Hour Exchange Portland, a time bank where people exchange services.

  • Rob Ellis, Jennifer Lunden, and Steve Beckett; members of Hour Exchange Portland.

Tags: time sharing; time banking; community building; Rockefeller family; lower your taxes


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