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Ellen Bravo on Women's Pay

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Activist and writer Ellen Bravo, author of "Taking on the Big Boys or Why Feminism is Good For Families, Business and The Nation," talks to Senior Correspondent Maria Hinojosa about why women make less money than men in the United States and what to do about it. Bravo shares her opinions on why corporations need to be redesigned "not just to shatter the glass ceiling," but to improve the lives of all working Americans.

Interview Excerpts

Taking on the Big Boys
Read chapters from "Taking On The Big Boys" [pdf]
Chapter One | Chapter Two
"The most important thing right now for people to do is to get involved in organizations that will influence what happens in the 2008 elections. And say to candidates 'we're going to hold you accountable, we're going to vote based on where you stand on this.'"

"The ideal worker paradigm doesn't work anymore; the man with a wife at home that can give endless hours. And you know what? A lot of men don't want it either. After 9/11 there are a lot of men as well as women who are saying we want something else."

"Who should be getting $220 million dollars for failing? Which is how our system works right now that we have CEOs leaving because they did a bad job and getting these huge payouts."

"Half of the workforce and three-quarters of low page workers have no paid sick days ...At the top people have paid sick days but are pressured not to use them."

About Ellen Bravo:

Ellen Bravo Ellen Bravo is author of the new book "Taking on the Big Boys or Why Feminism Is Good for Families, Business and the Nation." About the book, the actress Jane Fonda wrote "All working women must read this book. Not only does Ellen Bravo vividly expose workplace inequalities, she lays out real live solutions."

Bravo is the former director of 9to5, the National Association of Working Women, and now teaches at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. She also wrote "The Job/Family Challenge: a 9to5 Guide (Not for Women Only)" and co-wrote "The 9to5 Guide to Combating Sexual Harassment."

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