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Matthew Burden on Military Blogging

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Matthew Currier Burden Matthew Currier Burden, a military blogger and author of "The Blog of War," [excerpt] talks to Senior Correspondent Maria Hinojosa about new Army regulations for military bloggers and why he fears the rules will keep the truth from coming out of Iraq.

Interview Excerpts

"It's awfully hard for me to sit there and say you have to come down on these bloggers, when they themselves, especially the senior staff at the Pentagon, are leaking more information than every other source combined."

"When I get into a discussion with a public affairs or even an operational security officer about blogging, I will usually point to the D.O.D. [Department of Defense] website or and show them pictures that clearly violate operational security, in their definition."

"As a former military officer and as a soldier for 16 years, I have a definite problem bringing this up and fighting with the military on this"

"What I would like to see is have bloggers have the same rules as embed reporters."

"If I want to come back home and tell my mom on my blog that I had a great meatball sandwich at my mess facility in Iraq, my commander's got to say 'Yeah that's okay Burden you can publish it.' He doesn't have time for that. We're fighting a war."

About Matthew Currier Burden

Matthew Currier Burden enlisted in the military when he was seventeen and served in the Gulf War. He served first as an Army aircraft crew chief, then a paratrooper before joining Special Operations. After receiving a Commission as a Cavalry Officer, Matt served in units in Europe, Asia and Southwest Asia before working as an Intelligence Officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

He left the military as a major in the U.S. Army Reserve in July 2001. He has a Master of Science degree in computer science from the University of Chicago and works as an IT executive in Chicago.

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