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Do you think Obama made the right tactical decisions to get health care reform passed?
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Do you think Congress will pass Obama's health reform bill? Do you think Obama's health reform summit will lead to a bipartisan reform bill? Do you think the federal stimulus has significantly helped the economy over the past year? What was your reaction to Obama's State of the Union speech? Do you think Obama has been devoting enough attention to environmental issues? What should Obama's Afghanistan troop strategy be? Are you concerned the U.S. is becoming too involved in military operations in Pakistan? Did Obama deserve to win the Nobel Peace Prize? Do you think Obama should send more troops to Afghanistan? Twinkies? Soda? Cigarettes? What items would you pay higher taxes on to ensure health care for all? Do you agree with Obama's decision to continue the practice of sending terrorism suspects to third countries for detention and interrogation? Should President Obama be tackling both the economy and health care at the same time? Some gay rights activists say Obama is not taking their concerns seriously enough. Are they right? How should Obama prioritize the battles he takes to Congress? Will Obama's speech in Egypt improve America's image in the Muslim world? Who should Obama nominate as the next Supreme Court justice and why? Has the press been too lenient on Obama in his first 100 days? What do you think of Obama's performance on his debut trip abroad as president? Do you think Obama's budget plan is too ambitious? How do you think Obama has done in his first 50 days in office? Do you blame Obama for not living up to his no-earmark pledge?

Commenter: John23
If Obama wants to counteract the Fox News propaganda, he has better start doing something quickly (before the November 2010 elections) to make life a lot better for most Americans (public works program for jobs, cancellation of credit card debt or government interest-free loans, public hospitals and clinics offering free health care to all who need it). Only personal experience can counteract Fox and right-wing radio, because they are in every community and "progressive" media are few and far between.

Also, Obama is a fool to check only "black" on the census form and ignore the white mother and grandparents who raised him, even though he used them throughout his presidential campaign to appeal to white voters. He is effectively sending a signal that he "hates whites" and is thereby validating Glenn Beck.

Commenter: John23
Fascism is characterized by an alliance of traditional elites with right-wing fringe groups. We are seeing that in the U.S. The Republican Party has openly allied with many of the most paranoid, socially backward, reality-challenged groups in America. Open, right-wing violence is being endorsed and encouraged on a national scale. They have almost literally declared war on their political opponents. Yet, Obama still thinks he can woo the Republican Party. He is a fool. War has been declared on the American people and the Democratic Party is too gutless (beholden to corporate American) to fight back. No? Ask Don Siegelman.

Commenter: bobby
i think he is doing great after the
mess he inherited from bush as for
pat burdo get over it you lost.

Commenter: Nina Chambers
Obama thankfully moved healthcare reform forward. This was not a radical plan & in fact full of what Republicans have espoused for years! The Republican's forced Congress' hand. "Here is the ultimate paradox of the Great Health Care Showdown: Congress will divide along partisan lines to pass a Republican version of health care reform, and Republicans will vote against it!" Too true! It's time Republicans got to work for the Nation instead of working on obstructionism. So tiresome! Sitting on their hands is just not enough!

The Democrats can only extend the hand of bipartisanship so long. If Republicans refuse to negotiate, time to move on! Game time is over! A majority is a majority. Use it or lose it!
Thank you, President Obama & Congress!

Commenter: Viv Monte
Better late than never Mr. President! What we need is Health Care, not health insurance. We need a, "not for profit system." If not, the profit from the Health Industries should be heavily taxed and spend on training Nurse Practitioner's and Community Health Nurses to function at the Community level, treating minor ailments, teaching Preventative Medicine, and making referral's of the more serious cases to Drs/Specialists.

Commenter: Hannah
I do NOT believe that making as many under the table deals as needed to get the health care refrom passes is not smart. How many of his own "values" did he put on the wayside to get a bill that half of america doesn't like and NO ONE fully knows the extent of...

Commenter: Cynthia Schmitt
Yes I do..I stand behind my President all the way. I have the luxury of complaining and having hope...he has a job to do and he has to keep his eyes on what he can accomplish with out getting much support from the Republicans...I think he is amazing, steady and solid. I believe this nation is better off with him as President than if we would have had any other person....we still need to tweek the bill and I believe this is going to happen as time passes. I like his farm analogy....we need patience.

Commenter: T. Grant
As much as I wished for more, I think that President Obama has done all he could humanly do. Perhaps he underestimated the partisanship of his opponents. But it is "the man in arena" who has to make decisions and no one has a crystal ball.

In that sense, I am glad that the President gave Congress the opportunity to work it out because it exposed the inner workings of our government for all to see.

I wish we had gotten "single payer" but I am glad that we got a first step, even though, sadly, the final bill is far less than the American people deserve. I am glad that the President got what he could under the circumstances. It is a step in the right direction and he deserves credit for that.

Commenter: sheilah hill
Yes, but I think he should have gotten his plan out in the beginning so wouldn't have had to make bad compromises--although I really can't say I understand it all so I don't know if I agree or disagree with the different policies--I don't think many people do because of all the misinformation. I think we definitely needed health reform. I think Sarah Palin needs to apologize for falsely speaking of death panels.

Commenter: ME Meagher
I feel that Pres. Obama had to do something; however,I was hoping for the 'public option' which is the only thing that would keep the insurance companies in check. I understand the compromise, but was really hoping for a lot more... much more like the Canadian system - which Canadians love - I have spoken to many of them.

Commenter: Fred McIntosh
It is past due for health care reform. Remember General Motors? Continuously complaining about the cost of health care for retires. Then they had to have a bail out by the Federal Government.

Insurance companies don't care. They just raise their rates and get rid of the problem people. Then we pick up the cost of the uninsured with our tax dollars.

So lets get people to the doctors before they become extremely sick

Commenter: ana Maria Mendez Ritchie
Yes but It should have included a public option.

Commenter: Wilma Thompson
Yes, I certainly do. The insurance companies have made it virtually impossible for the average citizen to be able to afford good healthcare, and they paid people to stage those protests and spread lies about the healthcare reform proposals. AARP, Public Citizen, and even three high-ranking Republicans spoke out against those lies, but the Republican Party silenced those three immediately, and convinced everyone that those lies were the truth. I'm appalled that they've been allowed to get away with such atrocities. I tried contacting my representative with a copy of the AARP list of "myths" that the Republican Party was spreading, but he ignored my letter and still voted against the Healthcare Reform bill. Could that have been because he's a Republican?

Commenter: Katie
Once he finally realized Republicans weren't going to play fair--ever--at all, so the House and Senate wouldn't get health care passed without stepping in, he took the desperate steps necessary. He recovered with full force and finally showed the American people he can fight back. I think he did what he needed to do to get something big passed. Although, I still think he let us down not pushing for Universal Health Care! Get insurance companies out of our health care. Big insurance has one goal which is make their stockholders profits. They are using our health to get it done.

Commenter: pat burdo
obama does not have a clue in what he is doing to this country, his party is going to paid a high price for his bad decisions, he now must be held accountable for when and if this disaster materializes, we need leadership in washington

Commenter: Aaron
Hello, I am a big fan of NOW. I think it is really cool that something huge like health care reform got passed! Will it work out as well as a lot of people hope? Time will tell, but I feel it will. President Obama is dealing with a lot of critical issues, and I think he is doing a most admirable job so far. I personally like Mr. Obama a lot, and wish him well. He and the Democratic Majority are in the driver's seat at this moment in time...this moment of great domestic and international concerns...for an important reason! I am willing to trust Mr. Obama's decision-making, including tactical. Recently, to get health care reform through, he made some compromises, made some adjustments...did exactly what you are supposed to do when you are working with others with different interests! Shrill, whining, lay-about Republicans haven't...didn't...aren't! If the best Republicans can do right now is try to obstruct and incite hatred, there's a reason they lost big in '06 and '08! President Obama, KEEP GOING!! I'm rooting for you and your policies and the future of this country.

Commenter: Stephen Harrison, MD
Yes... he is doing a good job. He needs to stop being so concilatory and considerate. He needs to get tougher. I hope we are beginning to see a trend now on this subject

I like Barak. As a psychiatrist, I urge him to be more assertive as his overly considerate demeanor gives a double message.

Stpehen Harrison, M.D, Ph;D.

Commenter: Edward Fields
I think not pressing for and delivering a robust public option was a major mistake. There seems to be few if any substantive controls on pricing. By robust I mean anyone that wants in would be accommodated. The rescission and pre-existing condition aspects of this bill might well have been addressed with the repeal of the anti-trust exclusion long enjoyed by this industry.
Finally, calling this bill historic is a bit of a stretch, this would be true perhaps if the bill declared that health care for all is a civil right.

Commenter: Sheila Malone
I think this negotiation went on way too long untill he was cornered andd felt he had no choice but to really water down and comprimise the bill. He had the votes months ago and if he had pushed then the I think it would have been a better bill. The Stupack abortion rider was a terrible blow to woman particularly to poor woman who do not have many options. While I really like our President and want to see him succede I am afraid he is really making far to many comprimises and has from the very begining. I do understand he is working against overwhelming pressure from the far right and FOX news in particular who have made it their mission to see him and his agenda fail. This is outrageous as the lies floating around are so damageing to the both the President and in the long run the country. So I am not happy with all of his decisions but I do belive he is well qualified and I am glad I voted for him. I am appaled that so many Americans have bought in to the right winged lies and bigitory rather then find out the truth for them selves.

Commenter: Sheryl Keshishian, RN
I think the decision to continue to pass health care reform was important for Mr Obama as well as the nation. Beside the nonsense that the opposition whipped up, the lack of insurance impacts all areas of business and family. Many countries have national health care that work yet we hear only about Canada and England. Is it because of the problems they had with underfunding ? What about the rest of Europe ?
Why do we have to have Stockholder supported expensive insurance ?
Thank You.

Commenter: Sherri in Phoenix, AZ
I think what Washington did with health care reform is fantastic. Thank-you, President Obama.

Commenter: Barb Ward
Yes, he did. I think it is very important that we provide health coverage for all Americans. I would gladly pay more each month for my own coverage so that others less fortunate can have coverage too.

Commenter: A Angelo
Yes. I believe that it is the right thing to do. I don't understand why some people think the huge amount of money that has been flowing into the Health Insurance industry, in the form of profits, is OK! I believe that all American citizens should have health care coverage. This is a start in the right direction.

Commenter: Jean Miyake
It had to be done. Wish it was more.

Commenter: Aaron
Hello, I am a huge fan of NOW. I feel health care reform is one of the most important of matters right now. Mr. Obama, as president, is dealing with it, and rightfully so. I personally like Mr. Obama, and wish him well; I am willing to trust his judgment, and I feel his decisions, including tactical, will yield worthwhile results, long-term. Time will tell. I also feel that, if the best lay-about, loud-mouthed Republicans can do is try to obstruct and effect, do nothing...well, there's a reason they lost so badly in '06 and '08. President Obama and the Democratic Majority are in the driver's seat at this moment in time for an important reason!

Commenter: rick meier
He did what he had to do.

Commenter: Katie Robert
Yes, President Obama did the best he could and managed to get the bill passed. Health Care Reform was desperately needed. In the eight years the Republican Party was in charge, no effort to reform health care was made.

Commenter: Pat Stephens
First, I'm and independent and do have a decent health care plan with my employer.

Just want you to know that I approve of a health care program for health only. Not for ending a future life or for sexual gratifaction products.

I have known people thruout my 60 years of life who have suffered and one died because they had no money or insurance to take care of ther health porblems.

I female friend of mine who was widowed and no life insurance to take care of her family of 3 children, struggled in life sometimes having 3 part time jobs to make rent and food. She later got a full time job that paid better but it was small company and the insurance that was offered was to costly for her to get. She started to have flu symptoms that didn't go away and a few weeks later she died, almost at home with her 3 childern there, for Pancreitist, (spell?).
She kept saying that it would go away and would take extra vitiams thinking it would help. The youngest child was in 2nd grade and the oldest was in 12th. They lived with me for a few months untill their 26 year old daughter could move here and take over. The 18 year old graduated and joined the Navey but the other 2 with their sister struggled.

I've talked with women on the street (street people that I would often see for months) and the big reason for being on the street was for medical issues that got them let go from their jobs and unable to keep or get another job. Mostly Bipolar.

How many of the people that are so against national insurance have been in the situiation of no insurance and no money to get medical help are they.
If they have been medically taken care of, I feel they have no right to voice their objections. I feel they can object against abortion being paid with govt. money and unnessary procedures to keep their bodies going.

Commenter: Lucy Ryan
I have always favored a single payer system. That prospect looks bleak, especially in light of insurance copmany lobbying success in bringing a vocal minority virtually to the brink of rioting and/or assination. The results are far from my ideal but I guess something is better than nothing and the President achieved something. We haven't heard credible complaints of dirty dealing (just that the Dems resorted to tactics that Repubs have used many times themselves). So I'd have to say his tactics were OK.

Commenter: Yezdyar Kaoosji

In an environment of total non cooperation from the GOP fueled by the massive vested business interests, he was able to pass a law where a century of efforts had failed.

I was getting frustrated when he started compromising on various campaign promises, but am beginning to appreciate what this administration is going through to deliver on the campaign promises in the current political climate.

Our country is a true democracy only for a brief period every two years, when the citizens are given the opporunity to vote their representatives into offices from president to dog-catcher! Once voted into office the elected representatives and officials are not responsive to the electorate any longer. They switch their allegiance to powerful well financed self interest lobbies, that dictate the agenda. In the health care reform legislation President Obama has been able to play a skillful role by cutting deals and gathering support to finally pass the law. While many of us are not totally satisfied with the outcome, President Obama did get more than his foot through the door with this landmark law.

Over the remaining 3 years I expect such strategies will yield him more successes and we could see him leading into a second term.

Post Script: The GOP cannot become a significant and credible party in America until it totally and honestly disaffiliates itself from Fox, the "tea baggers", the neo-con movement and the like, that have burst out as an ugly abscess on the American political scene. If and when it does, and its present crop of leaders, "the nabobs of negativism" are sent home, and replaced with respectable and civil people, we may expect a more responsible political process.

Commenter: Marion Critz
Obama thinks he has the solution to everything. I do not think he knows what he is doing half of the time. He has driven this country further apart than ever.

Commenter: Kim Gronachan
Absolutely! We would have loved a public option but if Obama and Palosi et al, hadn't pushed it through it would have been status quo as usual for the past 100 years. Let the selfish fools have their hissy fits. They have got their's and that is all they care about. They have forgotten that government in this country is supposed to be for the average person also...not just the out of touch greedy who really want to be kings and decide that the peasants should just eat cake when they have no food. If I hear one more time from certain out of touch politicians that the American people don't want this Health care bill, I don't know what I will do. Most of the people I know think Obama did the right thing. Thank's for giving me a chance to vent. We need it desperately. And this country already went through a civil war. Bush and his cronies and religious right nuts have done more harm to this country than Bin Laden.

Commenter: Debbie Lackowitz
Of course he did! Was there really a choice? President Obama (I think) spent 2009/early 2010 getting the "feel" of the Presidency. I honestly don't think he comprehended the enormous "power" that WE gave him. He was way too conciliatory for my taste. After a few tries at "bipartisanship", he should have quickly taken the road he finally took. Give them a chance, and then just push on. He HAS the #'s (for now). WE gave it to him! Hindsight really is 20/20, and health care WAS passed! Unfortunately for the"other side", THEY were on the wrong side of history on this one. Too bad, really. Armageddon? Not for us, I don't think. If this is "played" right (and I think President Obama really does have his "groove" back), it just might not be!

Commenter: William Moffett
I am not so concerned about tactics. He used the tactics he needed to contend with the tactics of the "No to Everything" party.
I am happy that health care reform has become law. The law is not perfect, but neither is Social Security or Medicare. These programs can be improved over time, but we must start somewhere.
As for critics of the new law, once you take away the misstatements of fact and the twisted analyses, they have practically nothing of value to say.

Commenter: Don in St Louis
The United States lags behind the other nations of the world in providing health care for it's citizens. Health Care Insurance Reform should have been passed 60 years ago. The most cost effective solution would have be to expand Medicare to Everyone. Sadly, the corporate lobbyists have too much influence for that to happen. The American people deserve better health care for the dollars they spend - about 50% more per person than other nations AND we get poorer results than those other nations. People that oppose health care reform have not done their research and seen how the rest of the world handles health care for their citizens - and I haven't found one in the opposition willing to listen to the facts. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, they are not entitled to their own facts. I support the President and think this is a start but we can still do better.

Commenter: Greg
The President made a strong case for reform that has been needed for decades. If anything, he has been more patient than than the disloyal opposition has deserved. Obama uses facts in his argument, the Republicans (the Party of radio and cable tv hatemongers) rely on lies, personal threats of physical violence, racism, homophobia and ungrounded, manufactured fear. Regressive Republican talking heads and congressmen are now joining others on history's ash heap: D.W. Griffith, Father Coughlin and Joseph McCarthy.

Commenter: Anna Daniher
Yes, Obama made the right decision and made it in the best intererst of the people. As for his tactics, short of bashing heads there was no other way. I expect to see more of same in the future.

Commenter: John J Rottersmann
The only good and logical option is the PUBLIC OPTION.You save at least the cost of the insurance company which is very high indeed.

Commenter: Jennifer Gilman
After trying to include the Republicans initially, and having no alternative plan from hen for so long, there was no choice. Simply put they did not want the Democrats to have any major victories at all no matter what.

Commenter: Kenneth Buell
Yes he did the right thing. Noone disputed that something had to be done in health care reform. It's a shame that there could not have been more bi-partisan cooperation on the bill. Details could still be worked out for greater public acceptance.

Commenter: Arthur and Barbara Stakes
He needs to continue to stand tall and be forceful.
It seems that the other party does not want to work with us Dems., so we must leave them behind and look to the future.
He wants the Republican Party to work with the Dems. If not, we need to move forward.
That's what he did and we hope he continues.

Commenter: Edrea Jeffs
It's about time America caught up with the rest of the world. If I hadn't moved to another country (New Zealand) my husband would be dead. My ancestors moved to America in 1807 (not a newcomer)so it was difficult to leave the country of my ancestors. I'm so glad that we did! I lived in Texas where they wheeled a patient from the hospital to a location under a tree who had no insurance. The man died under the tree. America is friendly and outgoing to everyone except its citizens. No problem spending billions on wars that don't affect it's citizens, but give the public any benefits whatsoever, and chaos erupts. The Republicans are madmen.

Commenter: Karen
I think the outcome may have been much better and a bill passed sooner if the White House had taken a position on the various health care issues instead of leaving the process completely up to the congress.

Commenter: Cherryl Bass
Yes, I believe that President Obama made the right tactical decisions to get health care reform passed. For too long we have witnesssed a refusal of our Government to work on the hard issues facing this country.
I look forward to Congress and this President working for all Americans first before looking out for corporate interests.

Commenter: DTK
The American public has needed health care reform for a long time. It is not right that serious and continuing health problems have been bankrupting families or denying them health coverage. Promoting good health care for all is part of promoting the general welfare which the US Constitution endorses.

Commenter: John and Marcia Booker
It took courage to stick with health care. He made it the center peice of his presidency and he made it happen. The big conscern is the country is ready for big change and can he keep it coming...the country needs it

Commenter: Dick Regensburger
Although the President could have acted last year to push his agenda, I commend him for his extended efforts to achieve bi-partenship. Unfortunately the leading Republican political voices sent a message soon after the 2008 election - make Obama fail!

And now the results bear out those threats. Not one Republican had the nerve to go against the party's right-wing base. Consecquently, they all showed their real stripes and voted NO.

So, in hindsight, Obama played this one correctly. The Republicans will rue their decisions and Obama wins this round.

Commenter: Marla Kauerz
He absolutely did and I still believe that the majority of Americans are supportive. I would like to know who conducts the polls that don't affirm that.

I am heartsick at the immaturity of many Republican leaders, the untrue rhetoric of some of the 14/7 broadcasts, and the ugly threats and violence of a fringe group of people. This is NOT the American way and Repbublican leaders need to do more to see that it ends.

We look forward to much more sterling leadership on the part of our President!!

Commenter: Jean Starr
Absolutely not. Obama campaigned on many promises calculated to sway progressives, and used their support to get elected. Then he betrayed them and allowed the insurance and pharmaceutical companies to buy ALL the seats at the table. He and others in power refused to consider the very thing he promised (I will sign a universal health care bill by the end of my first year in office). He and others kept turning their backs on those who wanted to advocate for universal health care. No universal health care, then no public option.... I have left the Democratic party. It no longer stand for anything I believe in- it perpetrates war, it sells out to big banks, drug and insurance companies.

Commenter: Renee Tribert
We Americans should all be honored to have an intelligent and responsible president like Barack Obama. If you have the time to read investigative reports such as George Packer's Obama's Lost Year, or the article covering the health care process in the March 22nd New York Times, you can see how he considers the issues and chooses to pursue them in an honest fashion, not with an eye to political spin. And now we have health care reform which will ultimately benefit all Americans.
The right "tactical" decisions? Some might argue not, as his push may have jeopardized the careers of some of our senators and congressmen. The right ethical and moral decisions? Yes.

Commenter: Margareti
I had hoped for a public option, but I agree that this reform is at least a step in the right direction.

Commenter: Ingrid Naiman
Not only do I believe that Mr. Obama has simply handed a corrupt industry 45 million new customers, but he has done so with full knowledge of the sociopathic ramifications of his deeds. This bill is not about compassion for the uninsured, it is about pay-off to corporate giants who are unwilling to operate within the law.

There is nothing to celebrate. We should all be in mourning for the day more rights were lost and more power seized by those who already abuse the enormous power they have. Unless there is an immense backlash and movement towards non-compliance, I shudder to think was we will next lose?

Commenter: Steve
Obama had to do whatever was necessary to get healthcare passed! The Republicans are owned by the fat cat insurance companies.

Commenter: Kate Richardson
1. Apparently the president cut deals with Pharma and the insurance industry before he began the open process of developing a plan. Bad move.
2. Apparently deals cut earlier required the president to disallow supporters of a single payer approach from participating in the development of the plan. Bad move.
3. Although he occasionally made mention that a public option was a good idea, he never really supported it in any tangible way. To require people to buy insurance from a for-profit company whose reason for existence is to make profit and not to provide quality health care, rather than also including a public option (i.e. Medicare for all) makes the plan a giveaway to the for-profit insurance industry. Bad move.
4. In spite of repeated signals from the Republicans that they had no intention of supporting anything the president/congress would come up with, the president continued with the "bi-partisan" effort, making concession after concession to Republicans, and thus moving further and further from what many non-Repulicans felt were good ideas. Bad move.
5. The president didn't weigh in forcefully until near the end. Last summer was a loss, with Democrats floundering and no clear goals understandable to folks following the events. Bad move.
6. The product is severely flawed. Hopefully those flaws will be fixed. Several congresspeople have offered bills to fix problems. The president has not indicated a willingness to consider the fixes - e.g. public option, option for states to develop their own single payer system. I'm waiting to see how these will play out.
7. Many of the "fixes" this plan offers don't kick in for years, leaving millions uncovered. Bad move.
8. The sanctions for refusing coverage to sick people or people with existing conditions are so puny, I expect we will be seeing the insurance companies frequently opt to pay the penalty and leave the patient exposed. Bad move.
9. Pharma will continue to explode the cost of drugs. Bad move.
That's all for now.

Commenter: Carol
I am reading this book Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, PhD on cellular biology. It made me think that the Republican party's belief is "Survival of the Fittest." And the Dems believe in the cooperation (of the cells or individuals) for the highest good. Dems tried cooperating , but the Fittests took FITS. The windows and doors of the Democrats are being broken and death threats are being made as I speak.

Commenter: Nadine Barner
What health care reform are you talking about? Except for a few bones thrown at us, what we are getting is a giveaway to Insurance companies........So much ado about so little; so much propaganda to pass a bill that ultimately will penalize people for not participating; allow insurance company to raise their premium; and once they around legislations or "pre-existing condition", virtually same deal. As a French person living in this country, I am outraged at the insanity of non-dialogue or human rights, rights to care for all and especially, the throw under-the-bus of low income, immigrants and colored people in this country. This country has moved so much to the right since I came to it in the early 70's that honestly, I do not recognize it. You know how I call this country now: a country and a people without pity.

Commenter: PW
This should have pushed thru in year #1 of his term. A lot of time was wasted w/dealing the Republicans whose strategy was not to compromise on any issues.