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John P. Avlon
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NEW YORK SUN columnist and former Chief Speechwriter for Rudolph Giuliani, John Avlon says politicians of both parties ignore centrism at their own peril, and that President Bush and Karl Rove are Exhibit A.  Avlon's most recent book, INDEPENDENT NATION, takes a hard look at centrism, which he calls "the defining political movement of our time."

John P. Avlon

John P. Avlon was the youngest and longest-serving speechwriter in the Giuliani Administration as well as Deputy Communications Director. His work included preparing the Mayor's State of the City Addresses for 1999 through 2001; testimony to the United States Congress on issues of Homeland Security and Government Reform; and the Address to the United Nations General Assembly on Combating Terrorism. After the attacks of September 11th, he and his team were responsible for writing the eulogies for all New York City Firefighters, New York City Police Officers, Port Authority Police Officers and other emergency workers killed in the destruction of the World Trade Center. Additionally, he served on the staff of the Bilingual Education Reform Task Force, the City Hall Park Restoration Committee, the Y2K Commission, and the 2001 Charter Revision Commission, which established the Office of Emergency Management as a permanent city agency.

Before his service at City Hall, Avlon worked on President Clinton's re-election campaign. He is the President of Prides Crossing Executive Communication and an adjunct lecturer at Hunter College, where he teaches a class on great speeches through history. He has also lectured at Yale University, NYU, the Kennedy School of Government, and the State Department's visiting journalist program. He is an advisory board member of the Citizens Union of New York, Bronx Academy of Letters, Theodore Roosevelt Association, and the Rudolph W. Giuliani Foundation for Urban Leadership.

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