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Afghan girls
Politics and Economy:
Afghan Women
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Sarah Chayes Biography

Sarah Chayes talks with David Brancaccio about the current situation in Afghanistan and the remaining challenges for Afghan women.

Chayes and child in Afghanistan
Sarah Chayes graduated from Harvard University in 1984 with a degree in History and the Radcliffe College History Prize for the best senior thesis written by a woman. She served in the Peace Corps in Morocco, then returned to Harvard for a master's degree in History and Middle Eastern Studies.

Chayes worked as foreign correspondent with NPR beginning in February 1997, reporting from Paris, as well as from Algeria, Lebanon, Israel/Palestine, Serbia, and Bosnia. She also covered the International War Crimes Tribunal and the European Union.

After covering the Taliban's fall in Afghanistan, she left NPR and journalism to focus her energy on running a non-governmental, non-profit aid organization in Kandahar, Afghans for Civil Society. The primary mission of the organization is to bring to Afghanistan some of the intellectual resources necessary for formulating constructive public policy.

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