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Politics and Economy:
Risky Business - Corporate Reform on NOW
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Corporate Scandal and Corporate Reform

Many of the stories NOW has covered have dealt with this years spate of problems on Wall Street. In late April 2003, fines were levied against some of those corporate entities sued by New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, a guest on NOW in 2002. Get updates on the fate of corprate scandals below. In September 2003, Spitzer turned his attention to the mutual fund industry. At the same time, there is reportedly a movement afoot in Washington to modify the Corporate Accountability Bill passed late last year. Bill Moyers takes a look at the results of a year of controversy and reform.

  • Read October 10, 2003 guest John Bogle's keynote address at the 2003 Directors’ Summit of the State of Wisconsin Investment Board "Somebody’s Gotta Keep An Eye On These Geniuses — What We Must Do To Restore Owners Capitalism"
  • Read New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's April 28, 2003 statement on the "Global Resolution" of Wall Street Investigations.

    "As of Monday, I will no longer be an 'investor' in Wall Street. Who can you trust? How does one know what company is up front with its books? As far as the market is concerned, I am selling my long positions and buying puts until investor confidence returns to Wall Street." —a voice from the NOW message boards

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  • Updates
    NOW updates the fate of those embroiled in corporate scandals. Plus, the emerging unease in the mutual fund industry.
    Wall Street emails
    Follow the Wall Street e-mail trail. It led Merrill Lynch to a landmark settlement with New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer. NOW updates the fate of corporate criminals.
    Family and money
    The Offshore Shell Game. Read our update on corporate tax havens. Also, how does your tax rate compare to Microsoft's?
    Executives and workers
    NOW's panel of experts reflects on a year of corporate crime — read the transcript. Ever wonder how much the CEO makes? NOW compares executive compensation worldwide.
    American flag Flag
    Timeline of the Security and Exchange Commission. Bill Moyers talks with John Biggs about the SEC and the Corporate Accountability Reform Act.
    Enron logo
    What did Enron really want? NOW takes a look behind Enron's political push and pull.
    Hand with money
    Do the rich just get richer? Bill Moyers interviews Kevin Phillips, author of WEALTH AND DEMOCRACY. Plus, who in the world lives on a dollar a day? and income disparity in the Western world.
    Pile of cash
    The Great Tax Cut Debate. Figures and philosophies from both sides. And the furor over the inheritance tax.

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