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Politics and Economy:
Democracy in Danger
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Use Your Democracy

Many of the stories NOW has covered since January have dealt with the state of democracy in the United Sates. On November 1, you'll hear from an expert panel on the issue of democracy. Below we offer some tools so you can make use of your democracy.

"You're right Voting is our ultimate power. Two party politics don't work but a third party just gives one of the two an advantage. There is need for serious reform in our system and I'm not sure what the answer is."

I am pleased with the steadily declining voter turnout because that just makes my vote count all the more on a percentage basis. While, admittedly, not everyone that goes to vote on election day bothers to take the time beforehand to research the candidates and educate themselves on the issues, it is my theory that those that do (such as myself) are the more regular voters and we are the ones that have the right to decide elections."

--voices from the NOW message boards

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Democracy Tools
Woman voting
Falling Behind: The United States ranks 139th out of 172 democratic nations — in voter turnout. Find out more about who votes worldwide.
Women voting for the first time
What's at stake in your neighborhood? Preview your ballot with our election map.
Voting booth
Meet Monica Patton — She Wants YOU! To Vote.
Woodrow Wilson Poster
Once you've elected them — keep tabs. Track legislation on the Web. Resources for contacting your elected officials.
Anti-war Protest
Democracy refreshers. Take the Free Speech Quiz and the Freedom of Religion Quiz. Also, civil liberties and national security.
Woman Suffrage Poster
Democracy 101? Lesson Plan, Starter Activities and Take Action ideas for high school students.
Hand holding money
Money in politics Bill Moyers interviews Kevin Phillips, author of WEALTH AND DEMOCRACY. Plus, resources on clean elections and campaign finance reform.

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