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Politics and Economy:
A Question of Fairness
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Balance Sheet

"A Question of Fairness," a special edition of NOW WITH BILL MOYERS, analyzes how the politics of the privileged may be jeopardizing America’s economic future. The program traces the roots of the growing economic inequality in the U.S. and illustrates the sometimes forgotten human toll of government policies that favor corporations over individuals. As the election season nears, issues of job security, economic growth, corporate governance and taxes will be analyzed from all directions. Below is a compendium of NOW's related coverage of the American economy.

Voices from the NOW message boards

"Politicians like growth because the problems of society appear to shrink in an expanding economy. For one thing, growth provides an excuse to ignore this country's widening rich-poor gap."

"The reason they [the government officials] really like growth is job security (else we throw them legislators out) and it means more IRS revenue for them to waste on pork barrels and patronage."

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NOW's Coverage
CORPORATE SCANDAL AND REFORM: NOW tells the story of a failed shareholder suit in "Rewriting the Rules." And read a WorldCom edition of "Where are They Now?"
Wall Street emails
Follow the Wall Street e-mail trail. It led Merrill Lynch to a landmark settlement with New York Attorney General Elliott Spitzer. NOW updates the fate of corporate criminals. Plus, the emerging unease in the mutual fund industry.
American flag Flag
Timeline of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Bill Moyers talks with John Biggs about the SEC and the Corporate Accountability Reform Act.
Family and Money
The Offshore Shell Game. Read our update on corporate tax havens. Also, how does your tax rate compare to Microsoft's?
Executives and workers
Ever wonder how much the CEO makes? NOW compares executive compensation worldwide.
Women working on plane
THE NEW WORLD OF WORK: NOW finds out what happens when jobs head overseas in "Winners and Losers." And Sara Lee responds. Also, NOW's investigation into the flight of non-manufacturing jobs overseas. Find your local employment office with our Resource Map.
Congress contemplates new overtime legislation. What's in the small print? Track the Family Time Flexibility Act online. Plus, who works most worldwide? The state of American unions and working and not working worldwide.
Piggy bank
PAYING THE BILLS: NOW looks at one governor's attempt to bring his state out of debt in "Tax Justice." Find out what your state plans to cut in hard times.
Pile of cash
The Great Tax Cut Debate. Figures and philosophies from both sides. And the furor over the inheritance tax.
Helicopters in Vietnam
Debating the costs of waging war? Views on the bills now coming due. Track the cost of the war and defense spending online.
Hand holding money
Do the rich just get richer? Bill Moyers interviews Kevin Phillips, author of WEALTH AND DEMOCRACY. Plus, who in the world lives on a dollar a day? And income disparity in the Western world.

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