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Income and Inequality
Politics and Economy:
NOW's Election 2004
Income and Inequality

Both political parties claim to have the best interest of the middle class at heart — how are they crunching the economic numbers to woo this most important voting bloc? This week Bill Moyers talks with Michael Zweig about the American working class in America. And NOW updates a story on a strike in Wisconsin and takes a look at the new jobs being created in the U.S. today. Make use of NOW's coverage of the U.S. income and inequality to get the facts, brush up on the issues under debate and find out what's going on in YOUR neighborhood.

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DEBATE: Find out more about the discussion on overtime pay legislation. Debate tax cuts and spending priorities. And, what's the cure for pension plan blues?
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FACTS AND FIGURES: Find out how much the big boss makes. The U.S. leads the Western world in income inequality and in workhours. Plus who's the changing face of unemployment and a look at wages in the new millennium.
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RESOURCE MAPS: Find employment assistance in your area. What's the food insecurity rate in your state? Also, find out what your state might cut to balance its budget.
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FEATURES: Are jobs heading overseas? The challenges of life on a low wage. Is the American dream fading? Who is the American middle class? Plus, NAFTA, corporate governance and other economic issues on the minds of American voters. Connie Rice on race, class and other opportunity barriers.

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