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Kevin Phillips Biography

Kevin Phillips, political analyst and author of WEALTH AND DEMOCRACY and AMERICAN DYNASTY speaks to Bill Moyers about the politics of the week's news.

Kevin Phillips
Kevin Phillips is a political analyst and historian whose book, WEALTH AND DEMOCRACY, probes the relationship between economic inequality and the democratic process. Phillips latest book is AMERICAN DYNASTY: ARISTOCRACY, FORTUNE, AND THE POLITICS OF DECEIT IN THE HOUSE OF BUSH.

Mr. Phillips first gained prominence as the chief political strategist for Richard Nixon during the historic election of 1968. In 1969, he published THE EMERGING REPUBLICAN MAJORITY, which forecasted a major shift to the right in electoral politics - a prediction that has been remarkably accurate.

In WEALTH AND DEMOCRACY, Mr. Phillips chronicled the history of America's wealthiest families and their effect on public policy from 1780s to 1991. Mr. Phillips argues that America is presently experiencing a new Gilded Age where the rich call the shots as democracy deteriorates. In AMERICAN DYNASTY, Phillips turns his attention to four generations of the Bush family's economic and political power.

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