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Talk radio's growth parallels that of the Internet. You can now listen to talk radio online too. Find out more about the talk radio landscape — conservative and liberal — from the sites below. Also be sure to check out our Election Media Watch Resources.

Heritage Foundation Talk Radio Forum
Twice a year the conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation hosts a talk radio forum in conjunction with TALKERS magazine. Read about the October 2003 forum which focused on the upcoming presidential election.

Transcript of an October 13, 2004 NEWSHOUR special in which Terence Smith explores the success of conservative talk radio shows and the failure of liberal programs, and talk radio's increasing importance in politics. The Web site includes extended interviews with well-known talk radio personalities and the group proposing a new progressive radio network.

Radio Daily News
This Web site provides a roundup of radio-related news and features from print and online radio sources geared toward the radio professional. Each day the site also provides a shot summary of the biggest features on the nationally syndicated shows.

TALKERS Magazine Online
TALKERS magazine is the leading trade publication serving the talk radio industry in America. The publication also covers the "New Talk Media" which includes talk on the Internet as well as cable television. The Web site publishes a weekly assessment of the most popular topics on talk radio around the nation. The site also provides the magazine's yearly list of 100 heavy hitters in talk radio.

Selected Talk Shows Online

Central Air
Web site for the new progressive talk radio network which debuted in March 2004 with headliners like Al Franken.

Sean Hannity
Web site for the popular conservative radio and TV personality.

The Lars Larson Show
Lars Larson, a successful conservative host based in Portland, Oregon, appears in NOW's "Radio Waves."

The Rush Limbaugh Show
Web site of the talk radio pioneer.

The Randi Rhodes Show
Randi Rhodes, a successful liberal talk show from West Palm Beach, Florida, appears in NOW's "Radio Waves."

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