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E-cycling Resource Map

If you would like to know more about what to do with your old computer and other ecyclables check out the state-by-state listing of environmental agencies and health departments. Right now, California and Massachusetts are the only two states to completely ban CRTs from landfills. But many other states have legislation in the works, also listed below. You can check on your state's environmental legislation at the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators.

You can also find great information about properly disposing of waste in your neighborhood at Just put in your zip-code and click on computer recycling. Be sure to check the "notes" on the page — they list exact products accepted and can help you find a place that will refurbish your machine for charities. You can also check with the manufacturer of your product to see if they offer a return program.

If you have old recyclable batteries or an old cell phone you don't need anymore you can find out we know what to do with them.

Alabama Department of Public Health
Alabama Soil and Water Conservation Committee

Alaska Department of Health and Social Services
Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation

SB 807, Enacted 4/9/01 (PDF)
This bill requires state agencies to develop plans to sell, reuse, recycle or dispose of their old computers. It also creates a recycling fund that awards grants to recycling programs.
Arkansas Department of Health
Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality

Arizona Department of Health Services
Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

SP 1523, Introduced 2/20/02
This bill would establish a state program to recycle cathode ray tube (CRT) devices such as computer monitors and television sets. Under the bill, all CRT retailers would have to impose a fee on consumers that would go toward funding the recycling program.
SB1619, Introduced 2/21/02
This bill would set up a program to recover, re-use and recycle what it defines as hazardous electronic scrap, which includes everything from computers to video monitors to notebook personal computers. Under this bill, manufacturers would have to label these devices as hazardous and would set up a system to either take back obsolete devices or pay a fee to the state.
California Department of Health Services
California Department of the Environment

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Colorado Department of the Environment

Connecticut Council on Environmental Quality
Connecticut Department of Children and Families

Washington, D.C.
District of Columbia Department of Environmental Health
District of Columbia Clean City Initiative

Delaware Division of Public Health
Delaware Department of Environmental Control

SB1922, Introduced 2/6/02
The bill directs the state environmental agency to conduct comprehensive authoritative review of end-of-life electronics waste stream; provides for report & recommendations.
Florida Department of Environmental Protection

HB2, Passed the House, in the Senate 2/5/2002
Creates the Computer Equipment Disposal and recycling Council
Georgia Department of Public Health
Georgia Environmental Protection Division

HB1638, Carried over to 2002 session
Directs department of health to adopt rules to establish a cathode ray tube recycling program by 7/1/03
SB 812, Carried over to 2002 session
Prohibits disposal of cathode ray tubes in mixed municipal solid waste.
State of Hawaii Department of Environmental Health

Iowa Environmental Health Division
Healthy Iowans 2010

S1416, Sent to Committee 2/12/02
Adds computer monitors to definition of special waste. "Special waste" means those wastes that require special treatment or handling after it arrives at the disposal site. The term includes, but is not limited to, asbestos containing material, petroleum contaminated soils, low-level PCB containing material, computer monitors, low-level dioxin containing material and uncut tires.
Idaho Division of Natural Resources

SB 812, Carried over to 2002 session
Prohibits disposal of cathode ray tubes in mixed municipal solid waste.
HB3353, Passed the House, in the Senate 4/10/01
This bill amends the state's "Digital Divide Law" to allow the Department, subject to appropriation, to make Community Computer recycling Grants for the planning, establishment, administration, and expansion of community computer recycling and other programs. Requires the Department, subject to appropriation, to establish and support a Statewide Community Computer recycling Network.
Illinois Environmental Departments
Illinois Healthcare Department

Indiana Environmental Information
Indiana Public Health Programs

Kansas Division of the Environment
Kansas Division of Health

Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection
Kentucky Department for Public Health

Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality

HB4716 and HB3154, HB4716 - House Read second and ordered to a third reading 02/26/02
Prohibits disposal of cathode ray tubes in mixed municipal solid waste.
Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
Massachusetts Department of Public Health

HB111, Unfavorable Environmental Committee Report
Prohibiting any person from disposing of a cathode ray tube (CRT) from a computer monitor or television in any location not designated by the Department of the Environment for the management and recycling of used CRTs on or after December 31, 2004; prohibiting any sanitary landfill, solid waste transfer station, or incinerator from accepting a CRT on or after that date; requiring the Office of recycling to develop a method for the management and recycling of used CRTs; authorizing the Department to adopt regulations; etc.
Maryland Department of the Environment
Maryland Department of Public Health and Safety

LD1105, In Committee 2/22/01
This bill proposes to establish a program under which used or obsolete electronic equipment accompanied by the purchase receipt can be returned to the place of purchase for recycling in lieu of disposal of such items at municipal waste facilities.
Maine Department of the Environment
Maine Safety and Health

Michigan Health and the Environment
Michigan Department of Community Health

HF2815 and SF2979, HF2815 - Introduced 2/4/2002 , SF2979 - Introduced 2/11/02
Waste electronic products recovery and recycling requirements.
Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance
Minnesota Department of Health

Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Missouri Department of Health

Mississippi Department of Environmental Health
Healthcare in Mississippi

Montana Division of Environmental Quality
Montana Health Services

North Carolina
North Carolina Environment
North Carolina Division of Public Health

North Dakota
North Dakota Environmental Services
North Dakota Health Services

LB644, Indefinitely postponed 2/27/02
LB 644 creates the Electronic Equipment recycling Act. The purpose of the bill is to encourage the development of electronic equipment recycling businesses, increase public awareness about electronic equipment recycling, and decrease the amount of electronic equipment that is disposed of in landfills.
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
Nebraska Department of Agriculture

New Hampshire
New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services
New Hampshire Department of Health

New Jersey
A607, Passed Assembly, sent to the Senate 2/11/02
This bill would encourage the recycling, reuse or proper disposal of used computers monitors and television sets.
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
New Jersey Department of Health

New Mexico
New Mexico Environment Department
New Mexico Department of Health

New York
A6286, In committee 1/9/02
This bill establishes extended product responsibility for the disposition of waste electronic equipment identified as hazardous by the commissioner and requires the establishment of collection centers for such equipment.
New York State Environment
New York State Health

Nevada Division of Environmental Protection
Nevada Health Division

Ohio Pollution Prevention
Ohio Healthy Lifestyles

HB 1155, Introduced 2/5/01
This bill prohibits the disposal of items containing cathode ray tubes in any landfill or solid waste disposal facility. It would require the state's environmental board to promulgate rules concerning the recycling or handling of cathode ray tubes.
Oklahoma Land and Environment
Oklahoma Health Resources

HB 3301, In committee on adjournment 7/7/01
The bill directs Environmental Quality Commission to develop program that encourages recycling of personal computers. Requires registration and payment of fee at time of purchase of personal computer and creates the Personal Computer recycling Account. Dedicates fees paid at time of purchase to account and allows a person to apply for refund of part of fee when recycling a personal computer.
Oregon Environment
Oregon Health

HB2206,Introduced 12/4/01
Prohibits the disposal of cathode ray tubes sets guidelines for recycling of cathode ray tubes.
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Rhode Island
Rhode Island Resource Recovery
Rhode Island Department of Health

South Carolina
SB 1031,Introduced 2/20/02
This bill establishes electronic equipment recycling program and an Electronic Equipment recycling Fund. A $5 fee for each item that contains a cathode ray tube goes to the recycling Fund.
South Carolina Department of Environment
South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control

South Dakota
South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources
South Dakota Department of Health Protection

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
Tennessee Health and Wellness

Texas Environment and Natural Resources
Texas Bureau of Environmental Health

Utah Department of Environmental Quality
Utah Department of Health

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
Virginia Department of Health

Vermont Environmental Board
Vermont Department of Health

Washington Department of Ecology
Washington State Department of Health

Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

West Virginia
West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection
West Virginia Department of Health

Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality
Wyoming Department of Health

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