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Checking Up on the Environment

Environmentalists have been alarmed at what they see as threatening actions by the Bush administration, which has sought relaxation of timber sales rules, revoked wetlands protections, asked Congress to exempt the Defense Department from a number of environmental laws and weakened clean air standards. These issues are at the center of a national struggle between the country's energy needs and its environmental values. Read about some of the latest developments in environmental policy and revisit some of NOW's past environmental coverage.

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Powder River Basin
Read the latest news about coalbed methane development. Find out how drilling in the Powder River basin may be destroying one of our most precious resources: clean water.
Coal Trucks
What does the future hold for mountaintop mining? Read facts and folklore about The Cost of Coal and learn all about mountaintop mining methods.
American Wilderness
Find out why environmentalists and loggers are fighting over the "Roadless Rule".
Smog protest
What happens when smog is deadly? Learn about auto emissions and California's pollution challenge. Plus, energy, development and air quality worldwide.

Required for life: a safe water supply. Who wins worldwide at wasting water?

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