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Smallpox vaccine
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Smallpox Facts and Myths

At the end of 2002 a study was published in THE NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE that showed that the American public has a number of misconceptions about smallpox and smallpox vaccine. The study found that the majority surveyed had the following false beliefs:

  • MYTH: There is an effective treatment for smallpox
  • MYTH: There have been cases of smallpox in the past five years
  • MYTH: There is not enough smallpox vaccine to vaccinate everyone in the United States
In addition, thirty percent believe that vaccination earlier in their lives would protect them from the disease. The NEJM study also found that most of those surveyed said they wanted to be vaccinated — but only if their own physicians were vaccinated too.

Below are some sites that can help you learn more about smallpox the disease, and the current vaccine program.

Centers for Disease Control Smallpox has an extensive site about the current vaccine program. Important features are:

The World Health Organization also has an extensive smallpox site. Highlights are: THE NEWSHOUR WITH JIM LEHRER has an online forum where experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention answer selected questions about smallpox. Read the responses or pose your own.

For more in depth information on smallpox in the 21st century:

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