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Diane Wilson
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David Brancaccio talks with activist Diane Wilson, author of AN UNREASONABLE WOMAN.

Diane Wilson

Diane Wilson, a fourth-generation shrimper, began fishing the bays off the coast of East Texas at the age of eight, by 24 she was a boat captain. In 1989, while running her brother's fish house at the docks and mending nets, she read a newspaper article that listed her home of Calhoun County as the number one toxic polluter in the country. She set up a meeting in the town hall to discuss what the chemical plants were doing to the bays and thus began her life as an environmental activist. Diane waged a campaign to stop industry dumping toxins into the bay.

Her work on behalf of the people and aquatic life of Seadrift, Texas has won her a number of awards including: National Fisherman Magazine Award, MOTHER JONES'S Hell Raiser of the Month, CodePink Woman of the Year, Louis Gibbs’ Environmental Lifetime Award, Louisiana Environmental Action (LEAN) Environmental Award, Giraffe Project, Jenifer Altman Award, and the Bioneers Award.

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