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Week of 4.6.07

Inside Egypt

Video: Inside Egypt
Video icon Video: Inside Egypt
Is America losing the war for hearts and minds in the Middle East? To find out, NOW traveled to Egypt for an international perspective on America, Americans, and the war in Iraq. Among those profiled is a thoughtful, educated young woman who boycotts American goods and represents a new generation of Egyptians familiar with Western culture, but turning toward Islam.

From the Arab street to corporate settings, we heard outrage at America's foreign policy in the Middle East. We also investigated what America needs to do to regain the trust of one of our closest allies in the region.

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"There is a book, you know, how to lose your marriage in 30 days?" Emad Eldin Adib, an Egyptian media tycoon tells NOW. "The Bush Administration should write a book: how to lose your allies in the Middle East in 30 months."

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