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Week of 8.31.07

Montana Meth Project & Meal Plan

» Watch "Unselling" Meth (5.23.08) for an update of this show.

Montana Meth Project

When Tom Siebel, a billionaire software developer and part time Montana resident, learned the devastating effect methamphetamine addiction was having on the big sky state, he decided to use his successful marketing techniques--and 20 million dollars from his own wallet--to "un-sell" the deadly and highly addictive drug. It's called the Montana Meth Project. NOW's David Brancaccio talks with the venture philanthropist about blitzing the state with stark and shocking ad campaigns designed to drag meth use out of the shadows and get into the faces of kids. The results are promising, and his idea is spreading around the country.

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Meal Plan
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Also on the show, a business model focusing on ethnic foods that's creating local jobs for Boston's inner city.

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