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Week of 9.7.07

Fact Check: Military Sexual Trauma

Review the statistics about Military Sexual Trauma


Military sexual trauma
Harassment, assault, rape and other violence.

Military sexual assault
Any unwanted physical contact of a sexual nature.

Military Rape
Unwanted vaginal, anal or oral intercourse or penetration using fingers or other objects, using force or the threat of force.

Sexual Trauma in the Armed Forces

  • Number of sexual assaults reported in 2006: 2,947
  • Number of sexual assaults by service members reported in 2006: 1,167
Sexual Trauma in the Military Reserves and the National Guard
  • 27% of men have experienced military sexual trauma
  • 60% of women have experienced military sexual trauma
  • 3.5% of men have experienced military sexual assault
  • 23% of women have experienced military sexual assault
  • 11% of women have experienced rape
  • 1.2% of men have experienced rape
  • Service branch with the highest percentage of women reporting sexual trauma: Marine Corps
  • 20% of women seeking care at VA facilities have experienced sexual trauma
  • 1% of men seeking care at VA facilities have experienced sexual trauma
  • 8.3 percentage of women report lifetime PTSD related to MST
  • More than half of the incidents took place at a military work site and during duty hours
  • The majority of the offenders in these cases were military personnel
  • Factors that increase risk of sexual assault for active duty females include presence of officers who condone or allow sexual harassment and unwanted sexual attention

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For more information:

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