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Week of 9.5.07

Michael Apted on "49 Up" & Off the Grid

NOW's David Brancaccio sits down with acclaimed director Michael Apted to talk about how socioeconomic status and education influence life here and in Britain. Apted discusses what he's learned from "49 Up," the seventh chapter of his groundbreaking documentary series that follows the lives of English citizens every seven years. "49 Up" premieres on "POV" October 9.

Also on the show, "Off the Grid," a visit to Decorah, Iowa, where several families are going above and beyond the energy conservation call of duty by going off the electricity grid and producing their own power from renewable sources. They've given up some amenities, like air conditioning, but they haven't given up everything. Even more families who remain connected to the grid use Iowa's net metering laws to sell the extra energy they generate back to their utility company. Do they have the power to make it last?

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