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Week of 5.2.08

Election 2008: What to Expect

Few predicted how competitive the race for President would be at this point, and no one knows how it will all turn out, but some insiders have the advantage of their own experience to provide a seasoned perspective. This week, David Brancaccio shares a table with outspoken former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown and former McCain strategist Dan Schnur for an insider's look at what may happen next.

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Brown tells NOW that resolving the delegate issue in Florida and Michigan, which were stripped of their delegates as punishment for moving up the dates of their primaries, is key to choosing the next Democratic candidate. "You can't envision winning this thing without those two states, and that's why you're going to see, sooner than later, compromises being floated out by responsible people on how to settle Michigan and how to settle Florida," Brown told NOW.

Politicians in both states are urging the national Democratic Party to either let the primary results stand or find a way to hold new elections. Brown says the issue needs to be resolved in a way that will satisfy the majority of delegates at the Democratic National Convention, to be held in Denver in August.

He goes on to volunteer himself to help resolve the dispute. "I would love nothing better than to participate in trying to solve the Florida - Michigan issue," he says. This, in turn, is music to Schnur's ears. "As a Republican, there is nothing I would like to see more than the Democratic Party in such a situation in Denver where they needed the likes of Willie Brown to come in and help them solve this mess," Schnur says.

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