Week of 2.20.09

Is Your Daughter Safe at Work?

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A shocking statistic—teenagers are in more danger from sexual predators at their part time jobs than through the Internet. According to one estimate, 200,000 teenagers are assaulted at the workplace each year. It's a vastly underreported phenomenon, but some brave young women are stepping up publicly to tell their stories.

This week, NOW collaborates with the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism at Brandeis University to bring you an unprecedented broadcast investigation of teen sexual harassment in the workplace.

In the program, abused teenagers share their own stories with Senior Correspondent Maria Hinojosa. We track their legal journeys to justice, and how the issue impacts hundreds of thousands of teenagers across the country—many of whom don't know how to report workplace abuse, or to even recognize when their bosses cross the line.

This is the first report in a new NOW on PBS beat on women and men in the twenty-first century we call "Life Now."

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