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Week of 6.12.09

Abortion Providers Under Siege

Abortion providers under siege. Is this the new face of domestic terrorism?

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Gallery of Rage
Shocking images and violent calls to action from anti-abortion websites.

Issue Clash: Late Abortions
Two outspoken abortion activists in an interactive debate you don't want to miss.
The murder of Dr. George Tiller has reignited the abortion debate, and raised the question: should violence against medical doctors who perform abortions be viewed and prosecuted as domestic terrorism? This week NOW Senior Correspondent Maria Hinojosa sits down with two of the remaining handful of doctors who publicly acknowledge performing late abortions, including Leroy Carhart, a fellow doctor in Tiller's Wichita, Kansas clinic.

Carhart discusses his vow to carry on Tiller's mission and what it's like for him and his family to live as "targets". The show also investigates claims that law enforcement dropped the ball when it came to stopping Tiller's alleged murderer, Scott Roeder.

Hinojosa travels to Colorado as well to talk with Dr. Warren Hern, another late abortion provider who says he's been living "under siege" for decades. Dr. Hern works behind four layers of bulletproof windows and is now under round-the-clock federal protection.

NOW goes into the eye of the abortion rights storm to see how Tiller's killing and its ramifications are impacting doctors, free speech, and a civilized society.

Note: The term "rightwing", as used to define a specific type of extremism, comes from the April 7, 2009 Department of Homeland Security report (pdf) entitled "Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment."

Read the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Ombudsman Ken A. Bode's assessment of this report.

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Viewer Comments

Commenter: Evelina
Thank you for airing this piece.

To all those opposing abortions provided in the later stages of pregnancy, please consider what happended to Martha Mendoza. She is just one of many women. And women have abortions for many different reasons. We do not know their stories, so should not judge them. (cut and paste in your browser to read if link does not work)

Commenter: Andrea Lorca
Thanks PBS for broadcasting the show. The hypocrisy of pro-lifers is astonishing. They claim that life should be protected at all costs, yet they are OK with killing doctors. Why don't you stand against war, which claims millions of lives each year?

Commenter: Sharon
Thank you for your consistently objective reporting even when it's not popular to do so. As one who has helped women and their families on issues involving their reproductive lives (including the men who do and don't support them), I find that so much of the media continues to portray this issue in highly simplistic tones. Abortion is always presented as if there are two sides: "anti-choice"" or the self-proclaimed but in reality the not "pro-life side, and the "pro-choice" or "abortion rights" side. As portrayed in the media, these "sides" are never about the actual women or their actual lives or the men who were involved in the creation of the pregnancy. The latest popular spin on this is the common ground "side", which is supposedly a third way. In truth, pro-choice IS and always has been the common ground side. Respecting women's judgement about their personal choice to have or not to have children on their own terms IS the common ground. The millions of women in America who have chosen to have abortions were not forced, they freely choose this for their own personal reasons. Instead of demonizing those who provide abortions, how about respecting the woman's decision? Now that would be groundbreaking!

Commenter: Stuart
What garbage! You completely misrepresented my website. I've filed a response on this web page:

Commenter: Michael Martelli
Can you do a show that details how late-term abortions are performed, with video and images of the procedure being performed? It seems that all other "medical" procedures are shown on TV, but it might be important for the public to see what actually occurs during these procedures.

Commenter: I.B Baton Rouge, LA

Commenter: Charles Kahler
As a longtime subscriber, I object to your showing on June 12, 2009 of the show "NOW" that portrayed a biased and untrue report about the pro-life side with respect to the murder of Dr. Tiller. All of the pro-life organizations condemned that murder.
However, the show did not report that side at all.

These following quotes were sensationalist and did not deserve to be reported. Carhart attacked. "They may claim innocence and they may technically, under the law, be innocent, but their heart was certainly with Scott Roeder on the day that he shot Dr. Tiller."

Hern echoed: "The anti-abortion organizations, you know, making these statements of distress and disapproval. No, no, no, no, no. This is what they wanted to happen. And it happened."

As a long time supporter of KCTS 9, I am considering not renewing my membership based on your reply.

Commenter: Leticia Juarez
Thank you so much for speaking about the real situation that abortion providers live in for supporting women right to choose. Abortion is such a complex issue, women decide to abort for many different reasons. I thank Dr. Tiller for believing and trusting women. I thank doctor Tiller for doing the work that he was doing. He knew women, he was a compassionate and wonderful person. He was not only a doctor. He was an incredible human being. Thank you Dr. Tiller...

Commenter: Tom
Abortionists are the most unskilled members of the medical profession. They are the bottom-feeders. If they had the skill, most would be doing anything else. No one dreams one day becoming an abortionist when they grow up. Many are lured into the abortion trap after investing a decade of medical training only to throw it all away by killing instead of healing. Real doctors Do No Harm.

Commenter: Susan C. Robinson MD
I am one of the three doctors who flew in from out of state to work with Dr Tiller for one week out of three in Wichita KS. With his assassination I lost a mentor, a colleague, a teacher and a friend. I would like to thank you for an excellent segment. In particular, thank you for touching on the subject of why women need late abortions. The later in pregnancy a woman needs an abortion, the more catastrophic are the circumstances. This point has been lost in many of the discussions of Dr Tiller's assassination. I worry about what will happen to these women. I intend to continue providing abortion care as long as I am alive and able to work.

Commenter: Fanny
To the pro-choice: read more info

Don't want to be pregnant? Abstain from sex.

Doctors should remember their Hippocratic Oath: "I will keep them from harm.. I will not give to a woman an abortive remedy..."

Two persons come into an abortion clinic: one comes out dead, one comes out emotionally and physically scarred.

Commenter: Mayme
Thank you Maria for bringing us this report on the Abortion issue.

Commenter: Beverly Lucas
I am tired of standing quiet. Dr. Tiller was truly a hero who stood for so many and being from Wichita, I allowed hime to stand alone. My guilt is overwhelming.

Commenter: Cori
"The term "rightwing", as used to define a specific type of extremism...."
You guys are great. We are extremists because we don't like to see babies dismembered.
No one condones Tiller's murder. He was a horror of a man, but surely deserved a chance like the rest of us. I don't, though, think that he deserved extra protection any more than pedophiles, who are soon to be a special protected group under this regime. Back in Clinton's day, tax payers gave Tiller the same type of protection as the president himself, thanks to Janet Reno. Is this really who we are? Do we REALLY stand by abortion to this degree in this country? Tiller called these children he killed "babies." He knew this was infanticide. There is no confusion here. He didn't deserve special protection any more than anyone else. He chose his career just like high rise window cleaners chose theirs. It is a bad occupation which made him a target to another nutjob who was willing to kill.

Commenter: Lisa
The anti-choice lobby is unhappy that they may all be labelled as terrorists, but their condemnation of Dr Tiller's murder has been half-hearted and pitiful.

Responses to this documentary are a case in point. If you are truly pro-life please just write in and say 'I am pro-life - you know my arguments and we do not need to repeat them here - I just want to say that I totally, unequivocally condemn all violence against and intimidation of abortion providers, their staff and their families.'

However, most responses from those who are pro-life take this form. 'I am pro-life and I don't support the killing of Dr Tiller, but...'

But nothing! Every US citizen must stand up and condemn this killing without qualification, no ifs no buts. Every citizen must persuade their brothers, uncles, mothers, sisters to pull down their hit lists and their websites which incite violence and murder.

Many contributors have commented that this debate should continue in a democratic non-violent fashion. Of course I support democratic debate, but perhaps we should also look at the service statistics which speak for themselves. Women need abortions, a substantial proportion of women in the US will have an abortion in their lifetime, women will always access abortion - legal or illegal, safe or unsafe. You can talk for ever, but perhaps your energy would be better spent on fighting for decent and affordable healthcare, housing, jobs and prospects for those women struggling all over the country to give their children a decent life.

Commenter: Oscar Alvarado
The "sleeping giant" has slept long enough.
Most United States American citizens believe
within the core of their conscience that abortion
is murder of a living human being... Yet, the very
small minority of militant arrogant LEFT, mostly gay,
utilizing verbal engineering are successfully stripping away our Christian heritage. Why? Because we
conservatives are allowing our self to be intimidated.
Tolerance is NOT a Christian virtue. Our USA Nation was founded on Christian virtue...Not relativism.
Feelings are Not facts. The terms, politically-correct
and planned-parenthood is like calling arsenic "CHOCOLATE" and liquid nitrogen "COLA".UI

Commenter: Linda, MD
I do not know when life begins. I am a physician, and I know enough about the human condition to be certain that life does not begin at conception. There are the 10% of pregnancies that end in a spontaneous abortion, miscarriage. There is no acknowledgement that there was a viable life. Yes, it is natural, one could say that that life was not meant to be. However it is the product of conception.
Then there are conditions such as Hydaditiform Moles, and Choriocarcinomas. Both are the products of conception. But one is a tumor of trophozoites and the other is a cancer that is the product of conception. Anyone who knows absolutely that life begins at conception should study these conditions and come up with an explanation as to whether or not this is "human life" and why or why not.
There are deformed children such as the anencephalic children who are born without the cerebrum. They only have the minimal need of the brainstem to give a heartbeat, respiration and blood pressure. However not a scientian being, nor viable for long but can live for days with warmth and food.
With prenatal diagnosis now at a point where the mother can find out if the child will have a chromosome or enzyme defect, unfortunately sometimes in the second trimester. The mother can decide whether she wants to continue several months of a pregnancy and a painful delivery to have and possibly rear a child who is severely ill, or profoundly retarded.
I do not know when life begins. The question really is: who makes the decision? The government? The community? the pregnant woman? I have more faith in women making a wise decision as the men who run most of the institutions in our county. That includes other reproductive choices women must make.

Commenter: Debbie49
I challenge PBS to do what the Dominican Republic did recently: show an actual abortion wherein a human baby is torn limb from limb, placed in a pan, rinsed, swimming in its own blood, its little arms and legs floating among its little head. The result in the Dominican Republic: they wrote banning abortion in their constitution. Whatever happened to humanity that killing babies is acceptable and we who are trying to sound the warning of a secret genocide are labeled "domestic terrorists."

Commenter: Shawnda Lombardozzi
I found your documentary to be terribly one-sided. It is my prayer that you will provide the public with a view of the other side. Maybe you can take a few minutes to look at some pictures of these babies who are murdered in their mother's womb. Familiarize yourselves with things like "partial birth abortion" and the FOCA act, talk to women who still suffer, greatly, because of their "choice" to have an abortion. I agree that these doctors are under attack and the killing of "anyone", including an unborn person, is wrong. And the person, or persons, involved in this terrible crime, have done the world of "Pro-Life" a terrible disservice. This action in noway represents the "true" pro-life movement. This movement does not represent only the unborn, but all life, including the lives of those who murder innocent children. The murder of Dr. Tiller is wrong because "God" says it's wrong and "noone" had the right to take Dr. Tiller's life, but God. I consider myself part of the pro-life movement, but was terribly saddened by the news of Dr. Tiller's death. He was entitled to the opportunity to give up his sinful way and repent; that opportunity was robbed from him, and that angers me more than anything else regarding this situation. I am also disturbed by how this must have affected his family, especially, his children and grandchildren. My prayers will continue to be with them as they will for you. The public deserves to hear the true voice of the "pro-life" movement regarding this situation. Why didn't you interview someone from the Priest's for Life organization?? Or the Atheists for Life, for that matter; there are a number of groups out there who could have given you a better indication of the purpose and efforts of the pro-life movement.

Commenter: Anna
In response to Lynn Goodman-Strauss:

Thank you for your good work in the Catholic Worker community. I lived and worked at a Worker house for three years myself, one engaged with the homeless and low-income communities.

It's interesting that we've taken different trajectories, though: you identify as a "pro-life to the max" Worker, while for me, it was my time at the Catholic Worker house that inspired me to pro-choice philosophy and actions.

From a spiritual and social justice and downright compassionate standpoint, I believe in reproductive rights and independence. Here's my story of changing my mind:

Commenter: Kevin
Ms. Sharon / Darla - sorry if you took my comment the wrong way. I did not mean to pass any judgement on those that are facing difficult decisions such as this. Simply saying that those that support abortion (PBS), sometimes don't face up to the facts of what abortion really is. And certainly, PBS's show didn't bring up that side of the debate.

I also have to comment back specifically to Darla. I agree... "disagree with abortion, don't have one.". Seems to me the flaw in this logic is there are two persons involved in your comment. The mother... and the baby. I'd guess that the baby might "choose" not to be destroyed in their mother's womb... but they are unable to make that "choice". I guess you could say that I'm not sure about what the baby would choose... if so, just say I'm making a judgement call on this one. You might be able to argue it another way. However, what decision would you have made as a the baby?

Try viewing the late term abortion procedure. There are plenty of places on the web where you can see the before, during and after. If you are strongly pro-choice... I think the least you could do is understand what business that Dr. TIller and those like him are really in.

Commenter: methusaleh
How can there be such massive stupidity in a supposedly civilized nation. The anti-abortion idiots can't even understand they've got everything backwards, God did NOT create man--man created God. AND-we worshipped Goddesses long before there was man's god. All the knowledge needed is in books in your Public Library. Put your gun and hate and stupidity aside---go read and learn. Amen--and

Commenter: Rev Spitz
What a bias piece of babykilling bs. Why didn't you interviewing pro-lifers instead of babykilling pro-aborts? I know why, PBS is in the pocket of babykilling pro-aborts.
Thank God Babykiller George Tiller is dead, now he will not be murdering any more children.

Commenter: Hayley
Thank you for producing this show. I think what happened to Dr. Tiller and the intimidation and threats that all of these doctors go through is horrible. People who don't believe in abortion should stop threatening doctors and their families and patients and focus instead on legitimate ways of changing the law if that's what they believe needs to happen. These doctors are performing legal procedures for women in need and should not have to take their lives in their own hands to do so. If a majority of US citizens feel strongly that abortion shouldn't be legal, they can impose laws restricting or eliminating it, as has happened in several states already. They should just be careful what they wish for because their sister, child, mother or friend might one day have to make the stark choice of relinquishing their bodies for nine months to carry a child they do not want or take their lives into their own hands to get an illegal operation. Many many women die every year from botched illegal abortions in countries around the world and I hope that women here will not have to risk their lives in the same way.

Commenter: Megan
Thank you for your voice in unity with women's choices...

Commenter: WomanforPeaceSanity
When I was a young mother, my 16 year old sister came to live with my family because she was using drugs, and my parents could not cope with her. I enrolled her in an alternative high school to get her HS diploma and talked to her a lot about her lifestyle, but she continued to use LSD, MJ and eventually used heroine because she was hanging out, unbeknown to me, with a crowd of drug users, which included a drug dealer that had become her boyfriend. This was in to 60s and drug use was booming! One day I got a call to rush home because my sis was miscarrying in my bathroom! She had gotten pregnant by this boyfriend and had gotten hold of an illegal drug that caused her to abort the pregnancy. She almost died. After that horrible experience, my sister was able, with my help and love, to straighten out her life, get off drugs, graduate from high school, and is now the mother of two healthy, beautiful girls and a successful businesswoman. She has been married for over 30 years to a wonderful man.
Legal abortions were nonexistent in those days. No woman wants to have to abort a fetus, but sometime it is necessary! I still wonder to this day what would have become of my sister if she had had that child and stayed with that drug dealer. Doctors who are still willing to help pregnant women in desperate straights are heroes and should be respected by everyone. They cry and agonize with their patients. The domestic terrorism being directed at them must be stopped by our government and local police forces where their clinics exist!

Commenter: Dorothy
Thank you for producing this episode. It is so important that the public see what is actually happening. Pro-choice people need to stand up and defend and support those who put their own lives on the line every day to provide safe abortions to women, with dignity and compassion. It's not enough to support the "issue" and then remove oneself from the people who are carrying out the principle of trusting women with regard to one of their most difficult decisions.

Commenter: Darla
Thank you, PBS, for showing the reality of the terrorism faced by abortion providers in the US.

Kevin, I'm sorry that you are "shocked" that women getting the compassionate health care they deserve is not portrayed in the negative light you wish it was. These doctors are compassionate, brave, and providing valuable and legal services to their patients. They deserve to be commended for what they do, and do not deserve to be harrassed, intimidated, or killed.

Disagree with abortion? Don't have one. It really is that simple.

Commenter: aaa
I consider myself Pro-life. I am horrified at the taking of anyone's life, including those who perform elective Abortions. To label all of us who believe Abortion ends a human life as domestic terrorist is unfair. Just like labeling all Muslims as terrorist is unfair. Typically in any movement there are those who resort to violence and intimidation instead of the legal process to get their way. Groups from the left and right on both sides of the issues have these fringes. A recruiter was recently killer by a Muslim who justified his action by the killing the killer of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan. I don't think I even heard the story on PBS. I hope I just missed your coverage. America is about the rule of law, free speech, and having the all people's voice heard in government, with the protection set up in the Constitution for the minority. As long as these are still present in America, I think that most Americans will resort to the ballot box, letters, and discussion rather then violence, bombs and intimidation. My condolence to the Tiller family for their loss.

Commenter: Leslie
Please do not refer to George Tiller and the other abortionists as doctors. One definition of doctor means to repair; restore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken. Abortion does the opposite. People do not want to hear the gruesome truth as to what an abortionist actually does which is tear apart a baby limb by limb. If say you are pro-choice, please consider viewing aborted babies to make sure you really know what it is you are standing behind. If you really believe in abortion you will not shield your eyes from the truth. We need to be fully informed to stand behind what we believe or we are ignorant of what we say we believe. Doesn't being pro-choice mean being fully informed of the choice? Thank you for your ear and please visit the website below for more informed information:

Commenter: Ms.Sharon
Kevin: I wish that every "prolife" man out there was forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy. I'd bet you'd hie yourself to the nearest clinic as fast as your legs could go. Abortion has always been a reality, even before Roe V.Wade. It's just safer now. But you want us sluts to be punished for it don't you?
Google Gerri Santoro pal

Commenter: Lynn Goodman-Strauss
I am a pro-life Catholic to the max -- I live and work in a Catholic Worker House of Hospitality without pay, with adults who are homeless and dying or critically ill. This type of program MUST continue! Sadly, it evokes more of Catholic teaching on life than the Bishops of this country! Thank you for your work!

Commenter: Kevin
Killing Dr. Tiller was a crime. That cannot be debated. But I am shocked there was no mention in this report that abortion = the ending of a life of a human being. ... the unborn child. To criminalize the pro-life movement and not have any mention of what abortion really is, is unfair. Abortion is a nice term for ending a human life. 50 million lives since Roe v. Wade. Think about it.

Commenter: Margaret M. Gullette
The murder of a brave abortion provider not only shows up the madness of the fringe but the danger of inciting them to domestic terrorism with language like "partial birth abortion." But it also shows that the President and Congress must combat this much more pro-actively. They must speak out in language that doesn't just attack murder, which is on the books. Our language must favor women as owners of their own bodies in all cases, not just rape and incest and battering. In relation to abortion, this speech could include: women's right to choose, women's right to privacy, women's right to liberty, women's right to determine their life course. And Sonia Sotomayor should speak up for women's rights in whatever language her subtle mind suggests.

Commenter: Ms.Sharon
Part of the problem is the "pro life" side has been able to frame the issue so well. The prochoice side has even aided this with calling abortion a tragic choice, and agreeing how bad it is. You know what's bad? Not allowing women agency over their own bodies. Forcing women to bear children they don't want. Women dying from self abortion or back alley abortions. THAT would make the right wing happy: now those dirty sluts got what was coming to them.

Commenter: I hate bias liberal hatefilled pbs
Can this article be any more pro-abortion anti-Christian and anti-baby? Does it once mention the 60,000 plus babies murdered by George Tiller? NO. Does it talk about the language of the pro-aborts who call everyone a terrorist, anti-choice, extremest, and on and on. PBS should be defunded now because of their anti-Christian bigotry.

Commenter: Kirsten
Thank you for producing this episode and bringing this problem to public light.

Commenter: Reba Stone
Talk show hosts that harp on abortion Doctors and incite violence are as guilty as those who murder Doctors. Anyone who promotes this kind of violence should be arrested. This is beyond "free speech." It needs to end. These people call themselves proponents for life, but advocate killing people. That is not pro-life.

Commenter: Candis Harbison
These loud-mouthed bullies who will say anything to attract the spotlight are irresponsible and should be held accountable for the results of their hate speech.

Commenter: Susanne Matias
Thank you for covering this important topic and bringing out from the periphery of healthcare where it as lived for so long. Dr. Tiller is a hero and deserves to be remembered as such. Thank you again!

Commenter: Nora
Aboortion is not new. It is as old as time. The only thing that is relatively new is safe abortion for POOR women. Money always bought a safe medical "procedure". Make it ilegal and you kill women, you save few babies.

Bella was my mother she gave herself an abortion rather than face a 9th child in 10 years. She loved children, she nearly died. She had others to care for. She was married, catholic and desperate. for women with money Bella was poor and desperate.

Abortion will ALWAYS available for women with money. Back then they simply named it a "D

Commenter: Lucia McKelvey
Keep up the good work. This kind of reporting is critical to changing our world and attitudes about abortion rights and needs. Thank you so very much.

Commenter: Jane Schiff
"Abortion Rights Under Siege"

Thank you, Maria Hinojosa -

Maria Hinojosa = Civil Rights!!!

Commenter: Jennifer
I can't even properly express how valuable this story is. My thanks goes out to all those involved with it as you have elevated the coverage of this issue to a more respectful and informed level.

My heart went out to the Doctors who spoke about what this has done to their lives and I was truly able to see the compassion they had for the women they assist.

I have a new found respect also for all the staff that make their way to work everyday. I knew about the picketing that goes on, but not about their personal information being leaked making them targets too.

This was the most compelling piece of coverage and as a supporter of PBS I do hope that you will continue to shine a light on this topic. We, the public, need to be informed.

Commenter: Fred Krazeise
Thank you so very much for airing such a powerful program. Keep up this work!

Commenter: Lynn
I would love to see a follow-up story regarding "pro-choice" extremists. There is ample documentation of pro-choice extremist violence against pro-life counselors and protestors. But first, I would like to see PBS do a series on a "close up look" at abortion. Maybe some live cams coming out of these late term clinics. Show the nation what choice is really about. Now that would be a cutting edge news story; literally!

Check out:

Commenter: Grover Syck
It is essential that the "christian terrorist" be exposed for what they are. They are no better than the teleban or al quida, may be worse.

This side of the "pro life" movement must be exposed for what it is.

Commenter: Sophia
Thanks for airing this important piece about abortion providers. These physicians are heroes for providing these services to their female patients despite constant threats, attacks and intimidation!

Commenter: Lys Anzia
Big thanks goes to PBS NOW Senior Correspondent Maria Hinojosa ( team) for covering such a detailed report on the issues facing abortion doctors today in the US. This issue needs more coverage, especially as the violence that killed Dr. Killer is in danger of escalating.

Women News Network - WNN correspondent in Zambia, Sally Chiwama, recently covered the issues surrounding "safe abortion" for women in Zambia from interviews she made with doctors and patients at the International Teaching Hospital in Lusaka. Her story brings insight to the struggles women face everyday when safe abortion is not available.

Current reliable statistics show that, in the US, 1% of all abortions are late-term abortions. And yes, the issues surrounding this part of the debate on abortion are personal, sometimes heated and controversial. In the process of discussion, the American public needs to be educated on all sides of the issues. PBS is making this possible. Thanks PBS for producing such outstanding programming.

Education is freedom!

- Lys Anzia, Women News Network - WNN

Commenter: Carol Blowers
Thank you, thank you for this report. Just this week outside a health care center that does abortions as well as prenatal care and many other women's health care services, a volunteer was told by a protester that the protester was going to shoot him in the head. When reported to local police they just said that he was a crazy person and did not follow up. Yes, that is the point, he was a crazy person and health care providers, staff, patients and volunteers are at risk.
Luckily NYS Police have taken this seriously.
These threats happen every day all over the US. Since receiving this sort of threat several years ago, I do not entertain friends or family in my home for fear that some "crazy" person who listens to Bill O'Reilly and takes his message to heart, would target people coming into my home. I choose to support reproductive rights and while my family and friends approve of what I stand for, I would never put them in harm's way.
This is domestic terrorism. The Bush Administration chose to look the other way. I hope that President Obama and the FBI take a different view.

Commenter: Christine
Thank you so much for making this illuminating episode. Tiller's death was indeed an act of terrorism and is no different than the jihadists. They just had a different flag to wave. It's shameful to see how O'Reilly contributed to Dr. Tiller's death and refuses to take responsibility for his speech and the power of the media to influence people. It saddens me deeply to see how such bullying behavior extends from the playground into every part of society.
This program is invaluable!! Thank you so much!!

Commenter: Sally Girvin
Thank you for putting this excellent piece on the air and the internet. Those of us who have been involved in the provision of abortion services for many years are all too familiar with the scenarios clarified by the interviews with Drs. Hern and Carhart. It's crucial you continue to demonstrate these realities to the world, so that some day some sense will be made of all the intimidation, pain and death that has come from those who violently oppose abortion. Terrorism indeed.
Excellent job. Keep up the good work and open minds.

Commenter: Suzanne Poppema
Thank you so much for airing this imporant piece. It is crucial that we continue to speak out against this type of violence.

Commenter: Anne
God bless Maria for this report and God bless George for his work. Domestic terrorism must be stopped.

Commenter: Anne
This is a comprehensive and disturbing story. I think the F.B.I. is being cowardly for not investigating and prosecuting the terrorists who are intimidating, harassing and murdering abortion providers. The fact that doctors have to have round-the-clock federal marshalls to protect them clearly demonstrates that the federal government is well aware of the seriousness of the threats against these providers. I find it extremely distressing that these providers must build fortresses around themselves and their patients to guarantee their safety. What has happened to civil discourse in this country? Thank you, PBS, for producing and broadcasting this story.

Commenter: JOEY P
TILLER-as a murderer, got what he deserved...and is now in hell.

Wake up-supporters of infant murder !

Commenter: Lyn X
I'm 'anti-abortion', but more importantly 'pro-choice'. Abortion is a nasty business. Women needing abortions need them for a reason, whether by physical health, emotional health or simple economic logic. If we lived in a better, more equitable and democratic society, abortion would not be necessary (even then, exceptions apply). Doctors who provide abortion services are heroes. Thanks PBS for running this segment.

Commenter: Juli
I am so thankful for this video and I am sending it to all the men and women I know. I think everyone should know the hidden motive behind the Anti-choice movement: to control women, not to save the future lives of fetuses, as they like to claim.

Commenter: Marge Berer
Thank you PBS and Maria Hinojosa for the courage and conviction to show the country that: 1) abortion providers support and protect women's lives and 2) some anti-abortion fanatics are so motivated by hatred for women that they have become terrorists and murderers and/or are inciting others to do so. Terrorism, harassment, threats and acts of violence against law-abiding citizens which stop them from exercising the rights and freedoms guaranteed under the US constitution and laws should be prosecuted far more vigorously. This programme will hopefully have signalled to government at all levels to take more responsibility in this regard. Five million women annually are currently hospitalised across the globe for complications arising from unsafe abortions and 67,000 women still die from these causes every year. We are working all over the world to make abortion safe and legal. Please, PBS, keep making programmes like this one to help us to protect women's lives and respect women's needs, and to ensure that motherhood is voluntary and chosen.

Commenter: Pamela S.
Thank you PBS and Maria Hinojosa for your fine journalism. The effect of the violent, organized anti-choice faction needs to stop! Abortion is legal, personal and a woman's free choice. "It ain't no body's business but my own!"

Commenter: Oregon Bell
Thank you for this program. Some of the comments here, show the incendiary ignorance of the anti-women, anti-choice, anti-life,(they kill doctors dont they?. Thank you for naming the terrorism.

Commenter: W Volkmann
Thank you Maria Hinojosa and NOW for your program on late term abortion. Please keep up your excellent, responsible reporting!

Commenter: Karil Daniels
Maria Hinojosa's reporting is saving lives. It's obvious to me that reporting the truth informs people of important issues, and that stimulates a healthy national dialog. As that dialog progresses, hopefully it will open people's minds to other points of view.

Abortion is an issue that is between a woman, her family, and her doctor. The law and other individuals should simply stay out of it. For those who are against abortion, you are free to exercise your choice - don't have one. But don't try to force your opinions to everyone else!

Commenter: Sherwood Lynn
NOW: always on target! Great reporting, Maria, re "the abortion debate" and Dr Tiller! We need the country to participate if by only getting informed. The rationale for abortion, especially those in late second/third trimester, needs to be heard, even if not totally understood. Even those who disagree morally with abortion need to hear and sympathize with a situation which brings women and couples to this decision. Your contribution towards this end is invaluable.

Commenter: kyenote
Thank you for such fine reporting!
It is upsetting to realize how far we have NOT come in protecting autonomy in health care and freedom of choice. It is alarming that health care providers and their patients continue to be threatened and terrorized. Maria Hinojosa and NOW on PBS are to be commended for shining a light on this situation; this is why I watch PBS.

Commenter: N. Armon
The deafening silence of the media on this horrific crime and the far reaching consequences of the loss of one of 3 abortion clinics, is appalling and I commend the producers for seeking to keep the issue alive.

Commenter: Sydney McQuoid
Thank you PBS, NOW and Maria Hinojosa for taking on this very important issue. Naming and identifying this crime of murder and terrorism is a first and important step. Women and men for choice must raise their voices in support of doctors and health care professionals who bravely help women in need.

Commenter: Judith
Thank you for this calm, honest, journalism of the highest quality. Please keep this discussion of domestic terrorism in the public forum. We are a nation of law and it is a meaningless phrase unless we respect the law and try to change it if we disagree. Lawless killing and intimidation are not moral or legal.

Commenter: Gloria
Thank you PBS and NOW for an important report. The anti-abortion groups will never persuade me that they care one whit for anyone's right to life when they murder doctors and bomb health centers indisriminately. They are the murderers among us! I remember what it was like in the US before abortion was legal. I want my daughters to have a choice.

Commenter: Ann Hetherington
Bravo to PBS for airing the excellent documentary on Abortion Providers Under Seige. It's the first program I have seen in many years that provides a viewpoint other than that of the anti-choice radicals. We need to have a serious national discussion on the topic of abortion. Thank you for this outstanding piece of journalism!

Commenter: Jon Weir
Fantastic documentary. Some may denounce it as "one sided", but the issue being covered is domestic terrorism, not whether abortion is right or wrong.

Extremists have long ago grown tired of reasonable debate, and decided that their message will be bullets and bombs. I commend PBS for having the guts to stand up and call these people by their proper name: terrorists.

Be strong. Keep making great docs, and I'll happily keep watching.

Commenter: Jen Sage-Robison
Thank you for having the courage to do your job. To report in a clear-eyed manner in an intelligent, thought-provoking way on a major issue in our society today: domestic terrorism committed against those who support women's most basic legal rights. This was fine journalism. I expect nothing less from PBS. I was raised watching PBS and continue to turn to it for superior programming like this. When everything else is just noise, PBS gets it right. Thank you.

Commenter: Martha Newell
I am grateful to Maria Hinojosa for her report on this topic. It is incredibly important that the media shine a light on what medical providers go through to provide legal abortion procedures. I applaud Hinojosa, NOW and PBS for airing this show.

Commenter: Ajagbe
Great job.

Commenter: em
Thank you so much for this report.

Commenter: Sandina
Excellent expose on the haters who claim to be "pro-life". If you don't believe in abortion, don't have one, but respect the rights of others to make that difficult decision for themselves. In the words of the late Dr. Tiller, "Trust women."

Commenter: Kara
This piece is excellent. I am a young woman who has no conception of a life without abortion as an option. For me, this was a great reminder that it takes courage and hard work to protect these imprortant rights because nothing is guaranteed. What an inspiration! Thank you!

Commenter: Callie
This was such an important piece, I do think that all people need to be held responsible for their words. I think people forget what great impact they can have. This is a very well done piece and I think that it shows a side that was missing from the reports of Dr. Tillers murder. Thank you so much it makes me hope that soon this this type of behavior from individuals will not be accepted or promoted.

Commenter: Rene Thompson
Thank you for showing this for what it is, domestic terrorism.

Commenter: AK
The assassination of Dr Tiller has increased the media and the commentary on abortion in the United States, and it has also increased the risk to abortion providers. I am glad to see media coverage that addresses this challenging social and political issue without the watered down and centrist framing so common in the last decade. The myths of third trimester abortion have been perpetuated through this unfortunate event. It certainly is convenient to pick and choose how we feel about abortion until we are faced with the decision for ourselves. Like most hypocritical fanaticism, the anti-choice extremist rails against women making decisions about their reproductive needs based in their perceived lack of power. Having witnessed the 180 degrees that people shift repeatedly when they are the individual (or involved with) facing this decision I have to wonder when we can truly be honest about the need for abortion as part of medical care and the necessary support for the few willing to provide this care.

Commenter: Cate
Thank you for covering this topic. This needs to be talked about more often, there is no excuse for what happened to Dr. Tiller, or any of the harassment against any of these doctors. Thank you for all the doctors who participated in this video, you are all amazing, AMAZING people, and I hope and pray that you continue what you are doing despite the disgusting things going on. We truly need more people like you :)

Commenter: Rev. April Lee
The rights of many minorities and women have been oppressed throughout our history. It is the brave healers like these medical doctors who know that a women's psychological health is tied to the right to determine what happens to their ultimate possession, their own physical body. I am a supported of PBS and NPR because, without them, we would have no objective news reporting. For in reason, all government without the consent of the governed is the very definition of slavery.
Jonathan Swift
That is what women are without their RIGHT TO CHOOSE.

Commenter: Rev. Joanna Tipple
Whatever one's belief concerning the issue of abortion, it does no one any good to engage in such violent acts as a response to it.
As a woman and pastor, I now full well how people wrestle with having to make such decisions. No one should be subject to such intimidation.
If you don't want to utilize this option as painful as it is then don't.
And if you don't want to see a news story about how the effect of your position has resulted in the murder of innocent people, then don't watch.
And let the rest of us not succumb to the fear of their anger: watch the show! Support PBS! Support the medical providers who are putting their lives on teh line because they understand that a woman who is already alive should not have to make this kind of choice under such conditions.

Commenter: Barb
Thank you for producing and showing the Maria Hinojosa piece. Clearly, from all the comments, it has caused thinking and discussion, which is always good.
Nothing said from either side is the real point; the real point being CHOICE. It's the entire basis for America itself, and the sooner everyone understands that and accepts it, the better. CHOICE. All together now; C-H-O-I-C-E.

Commenter: Steph
THANK YOU! I am an abortion provider, and it is SO refreshing to watch a documentary about abortion that tells the truth. Dr. Hern and Dr. Carhart are courageous -- thank you for all that you do.

Commenter: Candace Shepard
Right Wing ideological attacks on legal activity are not free speech, this is not democracy. Investigations and criminal prosecution of these murderers and the groups, whether they be covert or outright hatemongers such as O'Reilly, that encourage such horrifying and unlawful acts is democracy.

Commenter: M. Miller
Thank you, PBS, NOW and Maria Inojosa for this important report. It is good to see we, as a country, are still producing and airing documentaries such as this one.

Commenter: Mel Masi
Necessary and very well-done piece on the murder of Dr. Tillis that poses the question of whether the anti-abortion zealots are domestic terrorists. In this instance, of course they are; and the murderer(s) should be prosecuted as such.

Thank you for keeping the dialogue an open one, and an alive one.
Best regards.

Commenter: carole joffe
Writing as a sociologist who has studied the issue of abortion provision, I was extremely impressed with the The NOW special on the Tiller murder. Maria Hinojosa did a superb job in uncovering the issues surrounding this case, and in particular the barriers that exist for those abortion providers who would provide the same essential service as Dr. Tiller did.

Commenter: Davine Del Valle
If it weren't for legal abortions I, and countless other women might be dead! (and btw: I am also a mother who supports her daughter's right to choose!)

Commenter: Mark
Totally one sided. How about a word from those you asserted as being glad for or encouraging Tillers murder? I don't condone killing babies or doctors.

Commenter: Anand Keathley
Thank you for this important and timely article.

Commenter: KAY solomon
These "right-wing scum" really make you wonder if the world was created by satan.

Commenter: BR
Thank you for wonderful reporting. It's so important that we name the murder of abortionists as what it is--domestic terrorism. The federal government needs to step in and do more to protect our doctors.

Good reporting is so essential to working democracy. We should all take action on this, ask our government to recognize it as terrorism and treat it as such.

"It is the policy of the United States to deter, defeat and respond vigorously to all terrorist attacks on our territory and against our citizens, or facilities, whether they occur domestically, in international waters or airspace or on foreign territory. The United States regards all such terrorism as a potential threat to national security as well as a criminal act and will apply all appropriate means to combat it. In doing so, the U.S. shall pursue vigorously efforts to deter and preempt, apprehend and prosecute, or assist other governments to prosecute, individuals who perpetrate or plan to perpetrate such attacks."

Commenter: Amie
This is such an important issue and we need to protect a woman's right to choose.

My great-aunties had to live through some terrible times in the 1940's. One sister was the victim of a rape and kept the child. The other sister sought out an abortion by some butcher (not a medical physician) who mangled her -- she never would even go to a regular MD again she was so frightened.

So our sisters, mothers, friends, aunties and ALL women need to be provided safe, affordable and clean healthcare (including the choice to have a safe and legal abortion) in the United States.

Remember women with the means will ALWAYS be able to get a flight out of the US for a "vacation" and have their abortions done quietly. Do we really want to turn back the clock to the backstreet alley abortionists for the working poor women, while the rich jet off to safety?

Thank you to Maria Hinojosa, the "NOW" team, PBS and the brave doctors and healthcare workers for keeping women's rights a priority!

Commenter: Melissa Silverstein
Thank you so much for the piece on abortion providers. It was eye opening and very informative.

Commenter: JG
Thank you Ms. Hinojosa for demonstrating that excellence in journalism is alive and well on PBS. But more importantly thank you for your bravery in standing up to your otherwise silent media partners, with the exception of those who use media to inflame radicals with deceptions and inaccuracies. The right to free speech comes with responsibilities.

As women and a mother, I cannot imagine a country where the right to an abortion is taken from my children or me. Long ago, I made the painful decision to have an abortion. To this day I am grateful to the doctors who were there to provide this service.

It is a travesty of justice that these doctors and their families are forced to live in a constant state of siege, when they are "simply" providing women the ability exercise their constitutional right—at a time when they are most in need of compassion and excellence in medical care. Something is terribly wrong when this type of domestic terrorism is allowed to continue.

Commenter: Amie
This is such an important issue and we need to protect a woman's right to choose.

My great-aunties had to live through some terrible times in the 1940's. One sister was the victim of a rape and kept the child. The other sister sought out an abortion "doctor" who mangled her -- she never trusted doctors again.

So our sisters, mothers, friends, aunties and ALL women need to be provided safe and clean healthcare in the United States.

Remember women with the means $$ could always get a flight out for a "vacation" and have their abortions done quietly without any fanfare. Is this what these hateful zealots want for the modern women?

Commenter: Rachell
Thank you SO MUCH for this important piece of journalism.

Commenter: KMK
Thank you for the the piece by Maria Hinojosa concerning terrorism and "abortion" clinics. The one trap it seems all media falls into is in reporting only on the "terrorism" and "abortions". These clinics/doctors/nurses are women's health care providers. There are many more services women are deprived of because of the fear of entering one of these clinics. There is also not enough explanation as to why late term abortions occur. There are still those out there that think it is merely a whim. The public needs to know the reasons behind the decision. I realize there was one example in the piece - but not enough.

Commenter: Arin
A remarkable piece of journalism! Thank you Maria for such excellence and bravery in reporting.. and thank you PBS for airing it! It was truly one of the all time best reports I have seen on NOW. Large kudos!!

Commenter: Guillermo Kuhl
Maria Hinojosa is one of the best investigative journalist PBS and North America has to offer.
She makes PBS what it is today, one of the last bastion of objective journalism.
Her excellent reporting has thought new generations what a journalist should be about, fair, accurate and objective.

I'm grateful for having her in my generation.

Thank you Maria Hinojosa for all your reports and stories that you have brought to us throughout the years.
They have enlighten, inform, educate and at times reminded me of our common humanity that we all share.
Don't let the ignorant right-wing ideologs let you down.

Keep on shining your light where no one dares to.
And thank you for your piece on Dr. George Tiller.

Commenter: Julia Dawson
Thank you PBS, NOW, and Maria Hinojosa for the excellent reporting in the piece Abortion Providers Under Siege. You really revealed the truth about organized religious extremists' opposition to respect for women's reproductive lives. Abortion is an absolutely essential aspect of reproductive justice and women's health. Only those who have no real concern for women's lives would work so hard to deny women abortion care.

I'm sure the organized religious extremists will lay siege to you for telling the truth just like they laid siege to Dr. Tiller and his clinic. Like Dr. Tiller, I am confident PBS and NOW will not be scared or coerced by the bullies and fanatics.

Commenter: Pauline Warren
In the 77 years I have lived I have never known of a wealthy woman who was not able to rid herself of an unwanted pregnancy. Nor did she suffer any condemnation whatsoever, or did her provider.
So why the terrorism inflicted upon women who are not wealthy?
The instigators of this terrorism are commiting crimes and should be punished thoroughly. They are morally bankrupt. Their defense of "life" only extends until it starts to breathe, then it's "right to life" depends upon gender, color and a large bank account.
Perhaps this group would be happier living with the those who practice the Wahabi religion, I understand they still stone women and young girls to death while they quote scripture and take pictures.
Barbarians one and all!

Commenter: Marie Ariel
It is *so important* that you aired this show. I greatly appreciate Maria Hinojosa'reporting and NOW for airing her work this time -- and overall.

Commenter: Guillermo Kuhl
Maria Hinojosa is one of the best investigative journalist PBS and North America has to offer.
She makes PBS what it is today, one of the last bastion of objective journalism.
Her excellent reporting has thought new generations what a journalist should be about, fair, accurate and objective.

I'm grateful for having her in my generation.

Thank you Maria Hinojosa for all your reports and stories that you have brought to us throughout the years.
They have enlighten, inform, educate and at times reminded me of our common humanity that we all share.
Don't let the ignorant right-wing ideologs let you down.

Keep on shining your light where no one dares to.
And thank you for your piece on Dr. George Tiller.

Commenter: Emily
Thank you for producing this important piece. Unfortunately, the very people who need to see this and recognize that domestic terrorism is spiraling out of control will probably never see this report.

Commenter: Marjorie
Excellent reporting. Thank you to Maria Hinojosa for bringing this to us. Keep up the good work.

Commenter: Elisa DZ
THANK YOU for producing this... far too often the emotional responses from this issue are so strong that media outlets choose to avoid the topic altogether. Not only does this help spread lies and fallacies, it does not help the very people who need it most. We need more factual, up front pieces like this to illuminate the world around us. Please keep up the amazing work. To quote commentor M.P West, "It is important to accept that we can agree to disagree and find common ground. But to do this, there needs to be willingness to protect lives of the living, as well as the unborn."

Commenter: MadamaAmbi
Maria Hinojosa's report "Abortion doctors under siege" is the most powerful argument one can make for protecting abortion, women, and their doctors. I found it very moving, told everyone I know to watch it, and also have written to President Obama, telling him to watch it. I am a member of my local PBS affiliate and never miss NOW, because it's the best investigative reporting on TV. Maria Hinojosa is tackling issues that no one else will, and doing it with dignity and compassion. I absolutely rely on NOW to tell me what I need to know.

Commenter: Anna Clark
Thank you for this piece, PBS and Ms. Hinojosa - it is invaluable and honest and meaningful. Thank you.

Commenter: Alan
We need MUNICIPAL contraception to replace public school taxes in our sovereign communities.

Commenter: RS
Thank you and Maria Hinojosa for the fine journalism in reporting the situation about late-term abortions and the doctors who perform this service.

While late-term abortions are a double tragedy, the alternative is unthinkable.

Commenter: carol tolan
I commend Mario Inojosa for her excellent report on the Tiller murder. I hope that PBS will support her work.

Commenter: M. P. West
Thank you to PBS and to Maria Hinojosa for taking the time and the thought to putting this piece together. We need to understand the complexities, contradictions and emotion driving the current situation. As I understand some of the information coming out, there is a desire not only to stop abortions from being performed but also to stop access to contraception. This is a position so far out of my realm of acceptability, that I have difficulty opening my mind to thoughtful discourse. It is important to accept that we can agree to disagree and find common ground. But to do this, there needs to be willingness to protect lives of the living, as well as the unborn.

Commenter: Lori
Abortion is LEGAL. Killing doctors is illegal. So why is it that the exteme right wingers who are inciting violence, practing intimidation and stalking these health care providers are not dealt with more harshly in order to prevent violence from occuring? This is flat out terrorism and we're letting it happen in America.

Commenter: Amy Levi
Thank you for bravely undertaking this expose of hate crimes. Maria Hinojosa is a talented, articulate reporter who should be applauded for this excellent piece!

Commenter: Lianne
Thank you for a VERY moving report. These doctors show great courage and are true heroes to me, especially in the face of domestic terror that they and their families endure. I have dear friends who have had to make the heartbreaking decision to end a pregnancy and it was comforting to know that they were able to receive care from compassionate doctors.
I find it astounding that anti-choice stalking websites are in any way legal! Surely such websites can be shut down? They are clearly intended to incite violence.

Commenter: A Sahgal
Fantastic report. One of Maria's best. Thanks for such a great work.

Commenter: Angela
Excellent journalism on an important topic and reflecting a perspective too often lacking in most of the media's coverage of abortion issues. Attacking doctors for helping women to exercise a right guaranteed to them by our Constitution? Of course that is terrorism. Murder for public-policy reasons can reasonably be considered nothing but terrorism. Thank you, Maria Hinojosa and NOW. I am going to make a contribtuion to PBS today (my first) to show my support for this type of essential and balanced coverage.

Commenter: kristina kiehl
Thank you for doing this show and congrats to Hinojosa for her work.

Commenter: Carrie Stiles
While I remain uncertain about later term abortions, I absolutely support coverage like yours which looks at the issue in its complexity.

Commenter: Catherine Raphael
The murder of Doctor Tiller is a tragedy for all of us. I was deeply touched my Maria Hinojosa's report - it was important, serious, in-depth reporting if the highest quality. I am grateful for PBS for airing it. American citizens need to know the effect of the violent, organized anti-choice faction. This is terrorism and should be stopped.

Commenter: Deborah Drysdale, Ph.D.
Thank you for this excellent piece of journalism. I applaud the courage of Maria Hinojosa for her consistently superior work.

Commenter: Linda Shoemaker
I'm a former journalist and attorney who has been watching NOW for awhile. I always find Maria Hinojosa's reporting to be fair and balanced. The Abortion Doctor report was one of her best -- riveting, emotional, factual

Commenter: Brenda
This was an excellent NOW episode on the kind and good doctors who are under siege from these native-born anti-abortion terrorists. My father didn't wait until I was an adult to warn me of threats to women's lives from those who didn't care about women's health. While I was still a child, he warned me to NEVER go to a Catholic hospital because they would always let the woman die if there was a problem with a pregnancy and now this country is such a horror that we have seen too many kind doctors who help women have been murdered and too many women are in danger of dying in childbirth if these right-wing terrorists are not stopped. We must all be outraged and we must all put a stop to the anti-abortion loons' domestic terrorism. More shows of this type are needed exposing the anti-abortion loons.

Commenter: Ken Grenz
This is a rare and important perspective. Lots of coverage, even opposing them, is given the protesters. This gives a look at the providers and their circumstances.
One seeming large discrepancy issue is that of just who seeks late term abortions. The O'Reilly crowd claims most are butchers for convenience sake; providers, as your interviewee say, "I haven't seen that person yet." How can we get good data to ferret out those contradictory claims.

Commenter: Karras Bommer
Pro-Life is a misnomer. What they mean is Pro-Birth. There is a distinct difference. I'm still looking for the stat on how many "right-to-lifers" have adopted an unwanted child.

Commenter: Patricia Falk
While yes, this episode was very one-sided, it showed quite well the horrors and terror that abortion providers, their staff, and their families must go through every day. I'm no stranger to the help and comfort of the lovely people at Planned Parenthood, and it appalls me that in some places, women have to go through such extremes as being covered in jackets and escorted by Marshals, simply to obtain a legal, perfectly legitimate medical procedure. I wish the program had included a few minutes devoted to the women who are harassed simply for going to such a place, as the disgusting pro-life people that stand outside to heckle them don't care whether you're going in to pick up your monthly supply of pills, to get a PAP smear, or to get an abortion.

Now, I realize that obviously, not all pro-lifers are the same as the terrorists who kill doctors and run those terrible websites. However, there is a big difference between people who maintain their own personal beliefs, and the sort of anti-woman folks who somehow seem to think that it's perfectly okay to go and protest in front of clinics. It has gotten so bad that laws needed to be passed to keep these people away so that patients can even get in the damn door. Why can't they understand that it's perfectly okay to pray at their place of worship or in their homes, or have debates like normal folks, but that it is NEVER okay to heckle, harass, and harm perfectly normal people like themselves who just happen to think something slightly different from them?

Anyway, before I ramble on much longer, I just want those who consider themselves pro-life to consider this. Have they bothered to stop and think what would happen and what the consequences would be if they got their way, and abortion was made illegal?

Commenter: jb001
Once again the extremes of the abortion debate post their two cents without considering the other side.

Few would consider abortion in and of itself a good thing, but rather a necessary evil under very trying and unforeseen circumstances.

Most would probably grant the mother sovereignty over her own body while recognizing claims of the fetus to life. Who has the greater right, however, can and should be debated, especially when health and coercion are considered.

Let us agree, then, that effective contraception is preferable to abortion, and that to prevent abortion, we should expand sex education and promote contraception use.

To do otherwise not only ignores reality, but shows bad faith and a willful ignorance.

Commenter: Freewoman
I wish every single man out their blabbing his pro-life hate speech would remember for just one second that he doesn't have a uterus. He needs to remember that he's never had to bear the economy burden of birth control pills every month. He needs to remember that he has never had to pay for an emergency contraceptive pill after he's been raped.

I am tired of the men trying to keep women down, and using religion to justify it. Im tired of them telling me what I can and can't do with MY OWN BODY!
The women that stand by their side, so tragically brainwashed from childhood, bring tears to my eyes.

The pro-life movement should be called the "enslave women like breeding animals" movement. This movement only strengthens my determination to stand shamelessly for my reproductive right, and every woman and girl's right to a safe and healthy abortion.

Commenter: sb
This is an important discussion to have. American certainly isn't immune to domestic terrorism. Our history is littered with numerous events of this kind. I think it's also important to note that the pro-life movement advocates an increase of government in personal lives and choices, and infringement on the individual rights of American women. I also think it's important to note that most pro-life advocates aren't calling for the appeal of death penalty laws. Maybe the killing of most black and Hispanic men aren't the God-given lives you see fit to protect. You can't be anymore one-sided that that.

Commenter: Bob
It is domestic terrorism when groups stalk their victims, disseminate detailed personal information worldwide about them, provide subjective justification for commission of a hate crime, and knowing someone in their audiance is unstable enough to act on these incentives. These groups and individual hate mongers like O'Reilly need to be held accountable and prosecuted for encouraging criminal behavior, just like the Klan.

Commenter: Paul
The Bully Mob mentality of the anti abortionist is unjust. Who is breaking the law by killing doctors?
The rule of law applies not the rule of what the bully or mob thinks is right or wrong.

Commenter: Stephanie Selas
This report was so one-sided it was shocking. Well over the majority of Americans oppose late-term abortions because these "doctors" are literally dismembering viable babies (yes, George Tiller himself was honest enough to refer to them as "babies" in prior interviews).

This type of programming confirms my belief that money donated to PBS does not support true journalism. Why didn't you interview the Planned Parenthood employee who willingly accepted a large donation from a racist caller who wanted to ensure the abortions of African American babies? PBS, shame on you.

Commenter: jb001
NOW neglected to mention that while the most recent Gallup poll purporting to show that a majority (51%) of Americans identify as "pro-life", a shift for the first time in the 15 years that Gallup has been polling the issue, a majority (53%) of Americans still believe that abortion should be legal "under certain circumstances", e.g. in cases of rape or when the mother's life is in danger.

Both extremes of the abortion debate would do well to consider that the majority of Americans are willing to make compromises on the issue, especially when real-life, complicating circumstances factor into it.

Commenter: Peggy Rose
Thank you for airing that show. It truly exposed just how much courage is required on the part of abortion providers. They are performing a legal and necessary service under difficult circumstances and they do it with compassion.
These doctors do not deserve to have their private information broadcasted about, they don't deserve to have to be ferried in cars separate from their families, and they don't deserve to have to work behind bulletproof doors.
I think they deserve medals!

Commenter: Michele
I pray outside of abortion clinics in a peaceful manner. I do not condone killing abortion doctors. Please do not call free speech as domestic terrorism. When liberals protest, it's all about freedom/rights. When conservatives protest you call it terrorism.

Perhaps you could do an article about the child in the womb and why people are upset about Dr Tiller's profession. Isn't that what this is all about?

Even if a child is disabled or has a 100% fatal diagnosis, a woman can carry that child. We can provide compassionate medical care to these children just as we do to all of our other children.

It is sad that your website and articles are so one-sided about Tiller's death. What about the right-to-life point of view of Tiller's death?
It is also sad that people opposed to abortion are being labeled as extremist and terrorists, simply because they don't agree with killing another human being.
All of the nationally recognized, law-abiding, right-to-life organizations have decried the manner in which Tiller died, and while opposed to abortion, have stood fast and denounced Tiller's murder. A handful of extremists, people who oppose abortion and go outside the law to kill, are the ones recognized by the media, not the day-to-day honest and sincere organizations who uphold the law day in and day out, while trying to legally change the laws to protect life - all life.
Those are the majority of people, not the few like Roederer, who take the law into their own hands.
Yet the mainstream media has branded right-to-life supporters as extremists and terrorists. Where is the objective reporting which our media is supposed to be doing? Using an unsubstantiated term such as terrorists for those who suppport the right-to-life is poor reporting and unfair branding at best.

Commenter: Kate vanHorn, M A.
We are so far from being civilized. Women are still chattel, - especially the poor. This is democracy? I grieve for my country.

Commenter: Mike Gasaway, Columbia, SC
I am amazed that you would produce an entire program questioning whether or not the pro-life movement against abortion is the new domestic terrorism. While I believe that the murder of Dr Tiller was deplorable I do believe that abortion is murder. And I believe that the spurious rationale about the mother's health in the late term as being the sole basis for the procedure is laughable.

What you should look into is the murder of over 3,500 lives domestically by Muslim zealots since 2001. Now there is some real domestic terrorism.

Commenter: D. McComb
No, "some" anti-abortion attacks are not domestic terrorism. ALL of them are!

Commenter: Jo
A resounding yes as to the question of domestic terrorism.
I don't understand the stand that those take against abortion and call it murder and yet revel in the murder of a doctor.
This is not a logical mindset.
And why were the websites shown? Why were there constant questions about security?
I agree that all this invites the unstable to take action.

Commenter: Jenn
Thank you so much for your show. I appreciated the opportunity to shed light on this brutal movement that has been going on for decades to make abortion unavailable to women in this country. Any of us who work or volunteer in the reproductive justice movement know of what goes on and wish that others would acknowledge that this should not be a morality issue for others to decide what is right or wrong. We must trust women to make choices that are right for them at that time in their lives. Abortion is legal in this country and I fear that it might not be the case forever, but I will work always to ensure that women have access to abortion services, even the outspoken anti-choice women who I have seen come into clinics full of hate for the providers and staff while they are getting an abortion themselves.

I hope that young people in medical school will consider filling in the gaps as our abortion providers are aging so that women will hope to have improved access moving forward.

Commenter: Brian Glaze
Domestic Terrorists! ... Absolutely.
It must be called what it is.

Commenter: Ruby
The hypocrisy of anti-choice "activists" is mind boggling. If I tried to impose my (secular) moral compass onto their rights, you could be assured that they would see a problem with that. Yet, because their moral compass is based upon their religious beliefs, they justify terrorising and tormenting people who do not share their religous beliefs.

I sincerely hope that anyone who has concerns about these groups deciding on what medical procedures are available will stand up and be counted because extremists are making the rules (or at least funding the rulemakers). This isn't about abortion, it is about respecting the right to make different choices than your neighbor. And standing up for your neighbor's right to make different choices than yours.

It's really a simple thing.

Commenter: Kathleen Domeyer
If pro-life people are terrorists, then so are the liberal media people with their with their one-sided invective.
At least pro-life are trying to retain our most precious God-given right against those who live as being totally disposable. 99.9% of pro-life are peaceable and would never think to use violence to solve a problem. The violence of abortion is plenty horrendous and we don't need any more.
He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword. I hope the souls of all those babies killed by Tiller were there to stand in judgment of his soul when he reached the pearly gates.

Commenter: JoAnn Witt
I think, it is clear that the officials in Kansas, FBI included, didn't and don't care to protect women's rights.

Commenter: Scott
Could your show have been any more biased? Time after time after time you labeled people who oppose these late term abortions as terrorists and you allowed the doctors to label them as murderers. Yet you gave no mention to the premise that these "medical doctors" are themselves killing hundreds of small people a year. You painted a completely one-sided picture of the issue. Having seen pictures of the decapitated babies, limbs torns from their bodies, discarded in trash bags, and knowing the procedure by which they are partially birthed, skulls cut open and brains sucked out, is outright reprehensible. And to do a story like what you did without showing that side of it is to do nothing more than to push an agenda under the guise of unbiased journalism.

Commenter: MAS
Your next show should be on the Muslim convert that killed and wounded the soldiers outside of the recruiting office. I will not hold my breath waiting for that episode about Domestic Terrorism with International connections.

Commenter: Jody
I was really offended by the insinuation that all pro-lifers support and cheer the murders of abortion providers. I think you would find that the huge majority of us believe that murder is wrong period. It is wrong to murder a fetus, and it is wrong to murder a doctor that provides abortions. Unfortunately there are extremists that don't realize how hypocritical their actions are, but they are the huge minority!

Commenter: shawn
i really loved how you put in your leftist-liberal stab at the "right-wingers," saying that "the homeland security report warned that there would be an increase in right-wing hate crimes," somehow blaming being a republican as the cause of these crimes and that being one will cause many other crimes in the future. believe it or not, there are democrats who are opposed to abortion, and since i'm sure you haven't personally interviewed the guard's shooter, i doubt you can say he is a republican. i doubt he's ever voted at all; people of little intellect rarely involve themselves in politics. as i said, though, i do love your personal views coming through as "news" in your story tag. of course it's to be expected. all leftist, socialist, pinko journalists usually can't help but put in their two cents worth, and i can say that, that is usually all it's worth!

Commenter: Ted Michael Morgan
Terrorists are wrecking women's health care in the United States. Fox News and other anti-abortion advocates are using terror to prevent women from receiving healthcare. The government has done a terrible job of protecting women and physicians. Religious groups have incited hatred against women.

Commenter: Sandee Brooke
12 June 2009, About Dr Tiller.
Dear David Brancaccio and NOW Staff,
Yes this is the face of Thank you for telling this very important story. This is domestic terrorism, you are so right in calling it that. These Doctors who are willing to continue to care of the women in need of these late term Abortions are Heros. By creating ongoing fear in the general public, it gets easier to keep women "in their place".
I am happy to see that you have pointed the finger at FOX NEWS and Bill O'Reilly for his constant harping at Dr Tiller. He is not the only one of course, but he has the biggest mouth...
I continue to find it fascinating that the overwhelming numbers of "pro-life" advocates are men and that once these sick or damaged or babies are born, none of these "pro-live" folks are there to help with the years of care or millions of dollars it takes to raise these babies.
I guess I am I am preaching to the choir, but I must again tell you how much I appreciate your fine work.

Commenter: Emily
I don't get if people are against abortion DON'T HAVE ONE! It's so simple. Here I always thought these anti-abortion rightwingers were always for freedom and here they aren't. I love how they want to trust a woman to carry a baby but not to make the decision in the first place. As far as the FBI and other law enforcement it depends on jurisdiction too. They mentioned some federal law and that should have been used. I also read that the Marshals stopped protecting Dr Tiller for some reason. Maybe if they were still protecting him he would still be a live. Who knows? Oh and as far as the media being "liberal" it's reality which isn't liberal or conservative. Grow up.

Commenter: George V. Pompo
I didn't watch all of your show this week since it was so one sided and honestly pathetic. Yes an abortion doctor was killed by some pro life guy. Obviously a horrific event for the doctor, his family and friends.

But your show lumped all pro lifers together with this nut who killed Dr. Tiller. I am pro life. There are tens of millions of us in this country. You no us, we are not violent people. Do the math. Probably 99.999% of us have never broken any law protesting abortion. Perhaps some .0009% have been arrested for sitins and other non-violent acts. Lastly, you have by far less than .0001% of us who have been involved in violent acts.

We are winning the abortion debate not through acts of violence as your show declared but slowly and surely through changed hearts, one at a time.

Commenter: Timothy Casey
Your last comments on the June broadcast tells me you either dont understand or dont care about the thoughts and position of the ones you call right wingers.There are those of us call right wingers who are actual born again Christians and those who refer to themselves as Christians who are among religionists. Religionists are and have always been the most dangerous people on earth and because of a lack of a born again experience sometimes engage in abhorrent behavior thinking they are acting in the name of God when just the opposite is true.We as born again people involved in the anti abortion movement believe the murder of the doctor is just as bad as killing babies and the one that did it should be prosecuted to the utmost rigor of the law. As for the nut job who murdered the guard in the museum is a guy who hates Christians,Jews and just about any thing you can point at so please dont pile him up with right wingers. If abortion ends in this countyr it will end in a lawful manner and not by repeating murdering doctors. We dont want to see them dead, we want to see them change.Lets remember the people in outfits like the weathermen ect, in the 60s and I dont thing they would fit into the right wing.

Commenter: Nancy B.
I cry for these doctors and their families. I cry for those who work with them. But most of all I cry for all of us women who may have our rights taken away. These Right to Lifers really don't care about the children, Have they ever adopted an older child that has been abused or has special needs? If they did they would not have time to stand in front of abortion clinics. They are sheep and that frightens me to death.

Commenter: Helen
If you want to advertise as being fair and balanced in your reporting, some changes beg to be made. The abortion doctors are scared and wanting 24 hour protection so they won't be killed. These same hands that are flailing about, whining "help me", are the same hands who proudly abort human beings that are capable of life but have no one to protect them. Is the irony lost on you people? Stop pandering and start reporting again. Please.

Commenter: Catherine
I was shocked to see in the video clips huge signs saying "ABORTION CLINIC" on the side of a large brick building. Here our Planned Parenthood office has a small sign, but every woman in the county knows where it is. Thay may as well put a red bullseye on the side of the building. Is it some local law that makes them identify the building's purpose in such a blatant manner? I was also upset to hear the CNN newscaster denigrate Dr. Tiller, and to see reference to hate-filled websites. How sad that instead of progressing, parts of our society seem to be slipping backwards. We have a mental "recession" to rival the economic one!

Commenter: I watch OPB

Your line of questioning to the abortion doctor was extremely naive and guillable in the way you asked him if he ever performed elective, late-term abortions ("if the woman decides she doesn't want to be a mother late in the pregnancy"). You accepted his one or two word denial without any further questioning. Gee, I wonder what your personal view of abortion is.
Why do you think Dr. Tiller was targeted (by protesters, before he was assassinated) the way he was? That he followed the letter of the law? Or that he made stuff up for the flimsiest of reasons to justify late-term abortions? He's a doctor behind closed doors and he can write down whatever he wants on his medical records.
Chances are your viewers wouldn't believe any personal notes that would exonerate George W. Bush or Cheney in any controversial matter, yet you expect viewers to believe these doctors only abort defective fetuses and "threats" to mother's life or health.
I have no expertise on how to deliver a premature child, but even a person of limited medical knowledge could easily see the myriad of flimsy excuses an abortion doctor could concoct on his medical records to make it look like a life-threatening situation exists, when it does not.
Your reporting would be much more unbiased if just simply state your enthusiasm for the abortion industry up front. Of course, you coudn't get me to walk into an abortion clinic at all to begin with so your actions aren't exactly subtle to the few viewers who watch PBS who opposed legalized abortion.

Commenter: Susan Bruce
Thank you, for covering this, and for doing it well. The anti abortion movement is full of terrorists - and law enforcement doesn't care. Dr Tiller's murder was allowed to happen.

What a lot of people (including many people commenting here) is that abortion is LEGAL. Murdering doctors is not. Abortion is a decision between a woman and her doctor - and it is nobody's business. None of these people who whimper about the BAYBEES are doing a damned thing to make the lives of the born better - you don't see them doing anything about homeless children, abused children, or anything else. They fetishize the fetus - and their concern ends at birth.

Something tells me that a group of picketers around urologist's offices with signs reading: "Impotence, God's Plan for You" would not be met with the kind of acceptance that these terrorists harassing women and doctors at clinics are.

It's time to do something about these domestic terrorists. Every member of the Army of God and Operation Rescue should be rounded up and interrogated. Terrorists should not be allowed within a mile of abortion clinics. Scott Roeder has said there will be more violence - shouldn't he be interrogated to see what he knows? In fact, given the ticking time bomb, shouldn't he be waterboarded at Guantanamo Bay?

Commenter: JO
The root of our global problems such as global warming, climate change, and the like are a direct and indirect result of overpopulation.
These right to lifers should provide live long financial and personal support to these children that they want to live. They don't make any mention of who is going to financially and personally support these children when and after they are born. If we parked all the unwanted children that came to life in their front door and told them it was the law to care for them for life, they might be a little less self rightous in their thinking.
Also, having a science background I would like them to compare a living embryo from a pig and one from a human at 1 day to 4 weeks. I bet they couldn't tell the difference.

I think that NOW did a great job at showing the warped thinking and self rightousness that these people have and it's scary when we add the NRA and now we all have to carry weapons just to defend ourselves and these doctors.

I bet the woman w/ the encephaly pregancy was not shy about getting to see a abortion provider when she found out that she would have to care for this child financially and emotionally until it died. It's amazing how quickly her mindset changed when she was actually put in a situation that she thought she would never have to be in.
It's so easy to tell other people what to do, how to live and the like.
Maybe they should start w/ their own personal lives and look around at the world that they are fostering w/ their sad and self-rightous ideas.
The right to lifers should get a life of their own.....

Commenter: bethrjacobs
Well, this is news light. The F.B.I. should be well inside Christian identity churches not at the door of the harassed that is a ruse. It's not abortion or borders or Mexicans taking "our jobs" hell I feel the same way about Europeans taking ballet jobs....It is: women being forced back into servitude period. If the division of special litigation did its job and sued the groups inciting violence and oh yes they are inciting violence this would be all over. Some one some where wants this to go on, some one important

Commenter: MotherLodeBeth
Watched the NOW show on Friday evening and would have loved to have heard the late term abortion providers asked how they feel about the fetus/baby they are helping 'kill'.

This is a hard issue with me since on one hand I believe abortion in the first trimester is more akin to what happens in a miscarriage.

But late term abortion from listening to the providers is more about the mental health of the mother which if we are honest, is hormone related during pregnancy. And what would be wrong with allowing the fetus/baby to be delivered normally since late term abortion still delivers a fetus/baby with the ONLY difference being the fetus/baby is killed before its removed by induced labor or other means. How can a fetus/baby be wanted and thus saved by some and then so easily discarded by others?

A few years ago I read a book written by a man in the south who worked on death row at a prison where executions were done. He noted the alcohol and other problems the men who did the executions had, and it made me think of the toll it takes on the human psyche, when one destroys life. Heck look at war and the PTSD that military men/women suffer from.

Cannot understand how someone could do abortions year after year and NOT have some mental health issues, after viewing all those small bodies.

Commenter: Terri
1)Although most of the people you interview answer the question, "Are Some Anti-Abortion Attacks Domestic Terrorism?" in the affirmative, this is clearly not true in at least one important respect, viz. <b>in the sense that one criterion of a terrorist action is its deliberate intent randomly to target innocent civilians,</b> which even the most radical and violent anti-abortionists do not do.</i>

Your statement is 100% false. Physicians and their staff (who these terrorists target) are, indeed, innocent civilians!!! Oy vey.

Commenter: JEB
In the program a woman had an abortion because her baby had anencephaly, a baby with no brain. She said having the baby to term was like being condemned to a deathwatch. It makes now sense to give birth to a baby without a brain.

I know a woman who has worked for most of her life with profoundly handicapped children who came to feel that abortion in some instances is a good and necessary thing.

I hear a great deal about it being a sin to have an abortion in any situation and about denying a "soul" its right to life. I think it could be a greater sin to knowingly go through the pregnancy carrying a soul condemned to a lesser than normal chance of life.
Wasn't it said that the body is the temple of the soul? Could it not therefore actually be sinful to offer a soul a life less than as perfect as is possible?

To me knowingly carrying an imperfect child to term is as bad as deliberately taking drugs or actively pursuing a damaging lifestyle. The keyword here is KNOWINGLY, as there are many things that can go wrong without one's knowledge. If doctors can prolong a life with extreme measures then surely extreme measures may be taken to ensure as reasonably perfect and healthy a child be born in the first place.

I hear some objections immediately. The question has been asked of profoundly handicapped children or their parents. "How would you feel if you knew abortion could have been done and prevented you being born?" WRONG QUESTION. They should be asked, "what if you had been given a chance to be born in a better body to a better life?" Yes, medical science is progressing at an enormous rate and many instances of birth defects are now curable and preventable but unless the known birth defect is curable surely it is better to abort and try again.

I agree that every soul should be given a chance to live but I also think one is morally bound to try to give that soul as perfect a life as one is capable of doing. Does anyone seriously imagine that there are a lot of souls waiting around to get born and by denying them one body they would lose their chance of life? That would mean that the whole process of souls being born is an enormous lottery system!

Commenter: Kiki
Thank you so much for this, and I thank God every day for doctors like this.

If vioent pro-lifers/anti-choicers could kill every late-term abortion provider alive, they'd go after the second- and first- term providers next.

Think they'll stop there? Nope.

Then come any doctors daring to prescribe RU486 (and the pharmacists daring to dispense it).

And guess what? Some people believe Plan B and birth control pills are also forms abortion. So say goodbye to regulating your periods, PMS and deciding when you'd like to become pregnant.

And then, only then, will some of the people cheering Dr. Tiller's death stop and ask – Wait, why can't I find a doctor to see to me after my miscarriage? Why can't I find treatment for my post-partum depression? Why can't my wife get treatment for endometriosis? Because the doctors have been terrorized, and the younger ones have been scared out of going into these areas of medicine all together.

This will not end.

Commenter: max333
Absolutely this is an act of terrorism, I don't see the need for the modifyer "domestic terrorism". This is much more a real example of terrorism than tricking an unstable person into an imaginary plot like the "newburgh plot" and many other examples of police entrapment.

Commenter: Barbara Manney
I caught part of your program on "domestic terrorism". I do not believe that anyone should be murdered or have their right to live taken away. But when abortion providers call it a right to murder 4,000 innocent children every day, how could that not impact on our society's value of life - everyone's life. It was presented on NOW just how much these abortion doctors feel so afraid. Maybe God is trying to wake them up to what their victims experience every day at their hands (talk about losing rights!). It's wrong to murder abortion doctors and 99.9% of pro lifers agree with that. Those who say that murder is the answer are just as misguided as their targets. Please look around and see how much more violent our society has become since this "culture of death" started in 1973. We can't discount anyone's freedom without hurting our own and our fellow Americans. We are all connected in our common humanity. "When Man's conscience loses respect for life as something sacred, he inevitable ends by losing his own identity." Cardinal Ratzinger in Christianity and the Crisis of Cultures.

Commenter: Marjorie Miller
This was a powerful and very moving episode. I am enraged by how organizations like Operation Rescue (and the domestic terrorists they create, support and encourage) have been successful in making abortion unavailable in many, TOO MANY, states. I am enraged by how little law enforcement has done to protect these docs and their families. I am enraged by how the O'Reilly's and other hate mongers take NO responsibility for encouraging acts of terror like the murder of Dr. Tiller. I am the face of abortion in America and I will stand up for the right of all women young and old in this country to CHOOSE when they will or will not become mothers. Thank you PBS/NOW!

Commenter: Briee
Thank you for this important and informative report. Not only do I believe that abortion doctors, who are providing a public, LEGAL service should be protected by law enforcement- I believe they should be afforded the same protections as law enforcement officials. Their numbers should be private; their family information; their licenses and their personal information along with photos and area shots of their homes and businesses should be absolutely prohibited. They are targeted, like law enforcement, and it's disgusting and outrageous.

Moreover, to endanger their life and safety is to endanger the life and safety of women that seek services in the clinics.

I have continuously wondered how it's not a violation of HIPPA and privacy to have these protesters taking pictures of women going into clinics, with car and plate information. How can their be doctor/patient confidentiality when you identify a woman walking into an office that is dedicated to offering women the choice to have an abortion? Seems in clear violation.

One thing I didn't catch on the report was the connection between the assassin and Operation Rescue. Accounts have shown that he had contact with senior members of OR and even had one of the senior staff phone numbers in his car after he assassinated Dr. Tiller in church.

Many thanks for your continued efforts to uncover and investigate the hard news.

Commenter: AM
I am appalled at the extreme biased reporting in this segment. 1. This moral issue is about killing babies in the womb. 2. A few extremists should not be lumped in with the peaceful pro-life, pro-human, pro-woman movement. 3. Women and men should not be pitted against each other or their own children for the sake of what they want to continue doing. 4. Women and men DO regret abortion, myself being one of them. It was a wrong mistake, and I will never have my 3 children to hug, cherish, and love. 5. These doctors are NOT martyrs, they are only harming society by causing men and women to experience Post Abortion Syndrome which manifests itself primarily through drug and alcohol abuse, promiscuity and many more self defeating behaviors.

Men and women should not be told they can kill their children. This is the most idiotic so-called "right" this nation has ever said could be legal. It's no wonder violence against women and the killing of young children out of the womb occurs. Instead of your one-sided irrational take on abortion, perhaps those of you at NOW could present what abortion REALLY looks like - chopped up bits of REAL human babies, even at 6 weeks!!

Commenter: Sandra
excellent, important program.
very courageous of you to make, show this program, and for the two doctors interviewed, plus one wife and daughter, to speak out. also, for the woman who was once "pro-life" - really anti-choice - to speak out and share her experience.
many thanks.

Commenter: jan
I was disappointed to see that you had apparently cleaned up Operation Rescue's website somewhat in the screenshot you showed. The small tiles/stickers at the top of the page are quite revealing and include a continued attack on Tiller even after his death. Operation Rescue and Newman should be given no credibility at all unless they straighten up their act.

To those anti-abortion posters I would say

1. Take care of the children we already have then we'll talk about cutting back on abortions.

2. Quit lying about the reason people get late term abortions and accept the fact that by the time a woman is that far into the pregnancy and has that much time and emotion invested in the pregnancy that there are valid reasons to terminate the pregnancy.

3. Publicly and permanently renunciate violence and end attempts to intimidate women, the doctors, the staff and their families. What you have done in this area cannot under any circumstances be considered pro-life.

Commenter: Randy Hatch
And so in continues...
The martinets against abortion have called their armies to action. The word goes out---post about the innocent unborn. I am dumbfounded by some of the comments here, when the intent of this program was to show the more thoughtful, open-minded viewers what is going on "out there".

"Down with PBS"
"No tax-payer money to PBS"
"I don't advocate death to the doctors, but...."
"Why wasn't there a debate on abortion?"

I watched this powerful program in totality
Its intent was not to offer a debate...(if you watch PBS regularly you will notice 'your side' gets more than ample time to voice its viewpoints)

Here was the intent:

NOW goes into the eye of the abortion rights storm to see how Tiller's killing and its ramifications are impacting doctors, free speech, and a civilized society.

What was most telling was the piece on the former protester who found herself pregnant (third trimester- 24 something weeks) with a baby with anencephaly. Suddenly, she viewed abortion differently.

It is no one's business why someone chooses to have an abortion.

For those outraged by what is going on, contact
Planned Parenthood and show your support for the good people who have been helping women with reproductive health care for over 90 years. They need us!

Commenter: Richard Kimani
They disagree by
Murdering at gunpoint
Bombing abortion clinics
What do I call this

For Peace and non-violent movement!

Commenter: Katy Donovan
If you are truly against abortion then you should be an ardent advocate of a strong sex ed program in public schools and free contraception. what I cannot stand is for people to ignore the perfectly reasonable alternatives they could be advocating against abortion instead of going negative. People will have sex no matter what, the question is how they deal with the consequences.
But one thing that will not work is to oppose abortion and to be in favor of abstinence only.

Commenter: Ryder
If Islamist websites (or even websites perceived to be Islamist) posted such hate speech, along with the addresses of prominent Jews and Zionists, the FBI, CIA, and law enforcement would be infiltrating and surveilling those groups 24/7. The same should be done with these homegrown terrorists! I wonder how these irresponsible and intolerant people will justify their actions when a pregnant woman or a passer-by gets caught in the crossfire?

Commenter: Turquoise
I am not a lawyer, but it seems to me that if you were to say inflammatory things about an individual to someone whom you knew to be mentally unbalanced, and especially if you gave the unbalanced person the address of that individual, then if the unbalanced person killed that individual, you would face a charge such as being an accessory to murder or conspiracy to commit murder. If this is the case, then it seems to me that people like Bill O' Reilly and the Operation Rescue members who called Dr. Tiller a "baby killer" and published his personal information on their websites should face this type of charge. I do not believe they are unaware that unbalanced people might watch their programs or read their websites, and I also do not believe they are unaware of the potential consequences of giving such people this information. As it stands now, these people who exploit the unbalanced for their own glory or for darker purposes face no consequences whatsoever. If people who publicly provide the motive and the means for such murders were charged with being accessories to murder, inciting murder, or whatever charge would apply, this hate speech would cease post-haste.

Commenter: Jack Smith
I am pro-choice, and while I generally find Now to be a thought-provoking and relatively unbiased program I am disgusted by this particular episode.

I believe in pro-choice until the 2nd trimester, as this is when scientists believe consciousness develops. While I have ethical qualms with late-term abortions and those who provide them I understand that these procedures are sometimes necessary and these doctors are not monsters. In no way do I support the murder of Dr. Tiller.

With that said, in our current troubled time of transformation and upheaval, the last thing we need is to add fuel to the fire by stigmatizing and attacking-ad-hominid those with minority views. That is blatant tyranny of majority opinion and simply further divides our country.

Strength in unity
Peace to all

Commenter: Finlay MacNab
I have noticed that many of the commenters on your program have expressed that they feel you have misrepresented their non-violent opposition to abortion by smearing them with the taint of violent extremists.

To these people I say: If you truly abhor the acts of the terrorist few, then report those you meet with extreme violent views to the authorities. Those involved in the anti-abortion fight must clean their own house before they will gain any support from me.

Commenter: L.C.
Abortion IS legal in this country, so why aren't the law enforcement people, FBI, throughout the U.S. enforcing the law? All we hear about is abiding by "the Rule of Law" .... yada yada yada ..... Its time we stop turning a blind eye to these domestic terrorists.....

As long as its a woman's body ... its the "woman's choice" and NO ONE elses.

Commenter: Finlay MacNab

As a Canadian it is impossible for me to distiguish between these people and the Taliban.

They are terrorist scum and should be treated as such.

Commenter: bbb
I watched your show this evening listening for both sides of the story. Today's media is incredibly liberal and one-sided. Very disappointing.

I do not believe the killing of Dr. Tiller is right. I do not believe killing a baby before birth is right.

What if people with convictions had done nothing about slavery? Half the people in the USA wanted slavery to continue but people took and stand and were heard. PBS' own statistics said most people in the USA believe abortion is wrong. When will they begin to let their voice be heard?

Commenter: Amy
The funny thing is you called your program a "debate". I didn't see any debate in it. A murderer is murdered and no one producing this show ever stopped to think FOR A SINGLE SECOND about his voiceless victims!

Sure, he shouldn't have been murdered but should he be eulogized on "public television" as if he were some sort of saint?

"Public television" needs to stop receiving taxpayer dollars - NOW!

One more thing, what Christian God was he worshiping? Anyone going to his "church" reading this needs to seriously take a close look at their lives and their doctrine. The modern "church" is worse than a million atheists - distorting the Word and fooling innocent, well-intended people. I will pray for ALL who's eyes are veiled...everyday...for the rest of my life.

Commenter: James Robert Ross
I have two observations:
1)Although most of the people you interview answer the question, "Are Some Anti-Abortion Attacks Domestic Terrorism?" in the affirmative, this is clearly not true in at least one important respect, viz. in the sense that one criterion of a terrorist action is its deliberate intent randomly to target innocent civilians, which even the most radical and violent anti-abortionists do not do.
(2) The program concludes with the statement that "The anti-abortion movement says, 'Do what we tell you to do or we will kill you.'" This is true of a very few individuals on the fringe of the movement, but as far as the movement itself is concerned it simply is not true. Your program attempts to intimidate sincere, nonviolent opponents of abortion on demand by smearing them with this repugnant slander.

Commenter: Evangelical Christian Female
A thought-provoking program to watch for a person such as myself whose informed considered ethic and world view is decidedly pro-life, yet with respect for difficult and ambiguous decisions. In addition to wanting to learn about another point of view, I waited to see if the large and growing group such as myself would be fairly represented at all in the program, and unfortunatey, had to conclude not so. I am not defending conservative inflamatory hate speech! Yet statements denouncing the murder were portrayed as not sincere. The program verbiage tossed us all together with the domestic terrorist camp. I've yet to see a media feature about the genuine multitude of hate mail and vandalism directed at pro-life counselling centers and directors - as if all hate comes from pro-lifers. Is the reduced number of abortion providers necessarily 100% due to threat risks? Could it even be possible to suggest that drs. have come to conclusions to leave that practice for other reasons?

Commenter: clp
From the beginning (seeing that the dr in Colorado has 4 bulletproof doors at his clinic's entrance) and then throughout the story, I was shocked by what I saw. I hadn't really realized what these doctors face every day. And what their families and staff face. They are all incredibly brave.

This show is an enormous wake-up call to people who believe in a woman's right to choose -- we all do need to be speaking up more, standing up for our beliefs, and supporting the people who are providing vital health care services that are legal and needed by women. One of the most chilling news reports I've ever seen.

Commenter: Dale Turner
Of course, killing the doctor was wrong. However, why do you seem so pained over this single act of murder when you are apparently unmoved by the horrible way innocent babies have been murdered and thrown in the trash every day by that doctor and others? Your report is lopsided. When will you show the public how babies are being murdered?

Commenter: chilling
This is one of the most frightening shows I have ever seen on public television. It is a clear indication that the crazies have taken over the USA and until they are jailed or sued out of business, they are increasingly emboldened by their ability to challenge what constitutes freedom of speech and subvert it to their own needss. I can't imagine the lives of these doctors and their staffs who are under threat of death for simply performing a service that is protected by the courts.

Commenter: admitedlytooscaredtosay
I'm recording this show for my daughter. I hope she will fight for other women's right to do what they think is best for families. No one wants to kill an innocent unborn child, but why would you choose the life of an unborn over the life of a woman who has been through hell and back coming to her decision to do what is best? I support adoption information, I support women being educated, but abortion is legal for a reason. The horror that existed for women before it was. Educate us, and let us make the best choice for ourselves. If men were the ones who were child bearers, would opinions be different?

Commenter: Randy Hatch
This is one of the most important shows I've viewed on this topic. Bravo for showing it. Where is the rest of
the media on the murder of doctors who perform
abortions? The terrorists are winning; they are armed to the teeth, and we're worried about Gitmo prisoners?

We are truly being terrorized by home-grown terrorists.
The media and much of the public is uninterested.
As the good doctor from Boulder says, this has been going on for over 30 years. It is a complete outrage.

Commenter: William Zaffer
I would hope the Tiller family with some lawyers sue The Oreilly Show for promoting hatred and actually calling a abortion doctor a killer which is slanted journalism we have today like Rush Limbaugh and company and on both sides of the equation. It is going to far. They also should sue Operation Rescue for their hatred using ignorance to have someone shoot a doctor or blow up a clinic. This type of acts like the Taliban needs to be stopped. The Bush administration turned a blind eye. This administration should put a stop or else people may be shooting each other with this economy blaming others for the dilemma while they shop at Wal Marts and Big Box stores that has taken away nine to ten percent of our manufacturing base.

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