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21st-Century Faith
21st-Century Faith

Many of the stories NOW has covered have dealt with faith in the modern world. Below we offer some food for thought about 21st-century religion and faith around the world.

"We should listen to prophets like Mohammed, Jesus, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and all those who teach love and respect for one another, but we shouldn't pit one belief against another belief and bring atrocities down on all the innocents of the world." --Helen

"So why does your show and your website act as if atheists don't even exist? I mean, "NOW asks God or country?" It's painfully evident how much care you took in making this segment not to offend the delicate sensibilities of Muslims, Christians, and Jews. What about the atheists and agnostics who are utterly baffled by all this religious hatred?" -Richard

--voices from the NOW message boards

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Recent Stories
Children saying pledge
RELIGION AND POLITICS: in the America. "One nation, under God"? The battle over the separation of church and state and faith-based initiatives. Take the Freedom of Religion Quiz.
FAITH IN AMERICA: What are the fastest-growing faiths in the United States? Nonreligious NOW viewers speak out and we investigate America's freethinking tradition. NOW asks Americans "What do you put first God or Country?" Take the Poll — When asked to describe myself my first response is...
Stained glass window
VOICES OF CHRISTIANITY: Journalist and author Chris Hedges and former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama Roy Moore. Reflections by Sister Joan Chittister on faith and society. God and politics in Holy Land: The World of Christian Zionism.
VOICES OF ISLAM: Journalist Naeem Mohaiemen on the aftermath of the London bombings. Controversial writer Ishad Manji. In a special NOW roundtable a distinguished panel discusses Justice and Jihad and Islam vs. Islam. Read interviews with Muslim scholar Azizah al-Hibri and Imam Zaid Shakir. Explore the world of American Muslims.
Karen Armstrong
FAITHFUL THINKERS: Bill Moyers talks to former nun and Islam expert Karen Armstrong. Israeli author David Grossman talks about life in a confluence of faiths. Bishop Gregory on the future of the American Catholic Church.
Women at prayer
WHOSE GOD? Learn more about the "Whose God?" panel. Explore the wide world of religion. Talk about your own faith on the message boards.
Riverside Church
RIVERSIDE CHURCH: Learn about New York City's Riverside Church and its Reverend James A. Forbes, Jr.. Investigate the long tradition of religion and social reform. And Bill Moyers talks with William Sloane Coffin about life and faith. Author James Carroll and Rev. Bryan Hehir discuss the idea of a "just war"

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