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Katrina Aftermath
Katrina: The Response

NOW devoted all of its programming in September to Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Our reporters have continued to pursue the story since then, and we have amassed a variety of shows and resources on topics such as the problems at FEMA, tax dollars and rebuilding, and the environmental hazards Katrina left in its wake. Explore more of NOW's special Katrina coverage below.

Mississippi River Delta
IN HARM'S WAY: NOW explores the Federal Flood Insurance Program and asks if your tax dollars should pay for rebuilding on coastlines vulnerable to natural disasters.

Video: "In Harm's Way" (16:42) [Requires RealPlayer]
FEMA logo
DISASTER AGENCY: The stories of incompetence at FEMA in the aftermath of Katrina have become legend. NOW explores FEMA's response and asks how the agency became so startlingly mismanaged and ineffective.

Video: "Disaster Agency" (16:35) [Requires RealPlayer]
KATRINA TOWN HALL: Explore NOW's special one-hour town meeting, where we gathered an audience of citizens, experts, and officials to concentrate on the rapid response failure and the challenges ahead.

Video: "A Town Hall Meeting" (52:02) [Requires RealPlayer]
Mississippi River Delta
THE DELTA IN DANGER: Why was Katrina so devastating? NOW explores how one of the biggest civil engineering projects in U.S. history set off an environmental chain reaction that helped destroy the natural barrier protecting New Orleans.

Video: "The Delta in Danger" (15:51) [Requires RealPlayer]
THE MEDIA IN NEW ORLEANS: Shortly after Katrina hit, TIMES-PICAYUNE editor Jim Amoss and more than two hundred of the venerable paper's employees were holed up in their offices. NOW talks to Amoss about the heroic effort to continue to publish their paper as the water levels rose.

Video: "Jim Amoss" (6:39) [Requires RealPlayer]
Map of Mississippi
RACE, CLASS, AND KATRINA: How did race and class affect the relief effort in the aftermath of Katrina?

Video: "Race, Class, and Katrina" (15:46) [Requires RealPlayer]
Labor icon
LABOR PAINS: Are corporations exploiting thousands of immigrant workers in New Orleans to help rebuild the city?

Video: "Labor Pains" (15:46) [Requires RealPlayer]

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