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America's Veterans

In recent months NOW has looked at the fate of veterans of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. "Coming Home" investigated delays in getting medical care and financial support experienced by returning soldiers. "The Cost of War," tells the stories of those left out of the casualty totals — the non-combat wounded. But there are other kinds of wounds — and this week NOW turns its attention to those returning from Iraq who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Below you'll find more information on those stories and other features and resources related to veteran history and veteran rights.

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Recent Stories
Iraq War casualties
Crunching the numbers: the war's hidden casualties. Meet some of the recent winners of the Purple Heart. Plus, stories from the non-combat wounded and those with the hidden wounds of PTSD.
Marine in Iraq
On the Ground: The role of the National Guard in keeping up troop strength in Iraq. Tales from 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit.
Vet Benefits Poster, WPA
Coming Home : the difficulties faced by today's returning soldiers. From George Washington's war widow to the G.I. Bill, NOW's history of veterans benefits.
Soldiers coming home
Looking for help or hoping to offer help? Check out NOW's list of resources for veterans and find your local Veterans' Administration Office and medical facility with our Resource Map.
Crutches, by Lori Grinker
Photojournalist Lori Grinker documents the world of the hospital ship the U.S.S. Comfort. Add your comments to our Picture of the Week And, meet veterans from conflict worldwide in Grinker's photos "After War."
WWII Soldier
Learn to do an oral history of a veteran. Contribute to NOW's online veterans scrapbook.

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