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Futurist Andrew Zolli
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Andrew Zolli Biography

Andrew Zolli
Andrew Zolli is a futurist, designer and author, working at the intersection of culture, design, technology, and futures research. He specializes in helping people and institutions see, understand and act upon complex change. He is the lead partner of Z+ Partners, a forecasting, ideation and design think-tank.

Most recently, Zolli was the editor of the CATALOG OF TOMORROW (QUE Publishing, 2002) which cataloged 100 trends and technologies for the next 25 years. His next book, IN GOOD COMPANY, about the complex relationship between brands and culture, was published in April, 2003.

Zolli speaks and writes widely on the subjects of technology, design, communications and long-term forecasting. He has spoken at conferences around the world and has edited several books on new technology. His work, ideas and writing have appeared in such publications as the NEW YORK TIMES, WIRED, I.D., AMERICAN DEMOGRAPHICS and THE INDUSTRY STANDARD as well as on National Public Radio.

In addition, Zolli has served as an Associate Adjunct Professor of Design at Carnegie Mellon University's Graduate School of Design, and is a past board member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts' New York chapter. He has served as an advisor to TRUSTe, the leading Internet privacy organization, to The Doctors' Company, a leading healthcare insurance concern, and to the Arlington Institute, a leading futures research firm. He has also served as a conference programming advisor to CNET and the Seybold Seminars.

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