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This Week: Death Penalty
This Week
January 6, 2006

This week on NOW:

Are innocent people being executed because America's capital punishment system is broken? NOW examines two death penalty cases that raise troubling questions about the way in which our society handles the ultimate punishment. As Congress and the courts continue to dial back federal oversight of death penalty cases, many worry the result will be that innocent people end up on death row. The report focuses on a still-breaking investigation in Texas that questions whether a man who has been executed was innocent.

As the guilty plea by former super lobbyist Jack Abramoff reverberates through the corridors of power in Washington, David Brancaccio sits down with veteran journalist Robert Scheer to get a better understanding of the potential reach of the scandal. "We need to reign in the power of money," Scheer says. "But what's involved here is a scope, the scale which is I think maybe greater than anything we've ever seen." Scheer is currently a Senior Lecturer at the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication and he's editor of the online magazine

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The Death Penalty

The Cantu and Graves Cases

Death Penalty Debate


Journalist Robert Scheer

Lobbyist Jack Abramoff

Congressional Ethics


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Final Judgement (16:54)

Robert Scheer (5:31)


Final Judgment
Producer: William Brangham
Editor: David Kreger

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