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This Week: Bad Medicine
This Week
January 7, 2005

This week on NOW:

Vioxx was one of the most widely used prescription drugs in the world and, for many, it may have been a killer. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is supposed to guarantee the safety of the medicines we take, so how could it have disregarded warnings from its own scientists about this looming public health disaster? In BAD MEDICINE David Brancaccio provides a rare glimpse inside the FDA, scrutinizing how it operates and revealing how cozy relationships with drug makers may be putting lives at risk. In his first extended television interview, FDA whistleblower Dr. David Graham reveals how his FDA managers tried to silence him and quash evidence that indicated Vioxx was unsafe.

Charity check. In the wake of the Tsunami, what's the real story on America's foreign aid. A David Brancaccio essay.

In Depth


The FDA and Drug Approval Process

Pharmaceutical Research Resources

Medical Symbol
A Brief History of Drug Advertising

How to Be Drug Smart from the AARP

The Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

U.S. Aid Dollars in Perspective

How to Get Started Volunteering


Talk about the health industry


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Bad Medicine (19:56)

Aid Dollars and the Tsunami (3:46)


Bad Medicine
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Editor: Larry Goldfine

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