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This Week: Endangered Species
This Week
January 16, 2004

This week on NOW:

This week on NOW: One of America's gleaming symbols of freedom and prosperity, Washington, DC is also home to one of the most impoverished and polluted neighborhoods in America. On the banks of the Anacostia River, the Southeast section of the nation's capital has been an environmental disaster area and a home for violence. But today a non-profit group called the Earth Conservation Corps (ECC), composed of young adults from these communities, is bringing hope to this neighborhood under siege.

Bill Moyers talks to Ken Auletta, heralded journalist and the best-selling author of eight books. Auletta's latest publication, "BACKSTORY: INSIDE THE BUSINESS OF NEWS," is a collection of the author's work as media correspondent for THE NEW YORKER and includes a probing look at media today - from the bitter in-fighting at THE NEW YORK TIMES; to New York's more openly brutal tabloid wars; to the corporate-consolidation of newspapers such as the LOS ANGELES TIMES, and even new revelations on the Jayson Blair scandal.

Bill Moyers and David Brancaccio sit down with Brooks Jackson, an award-winning journalist who has covered Washington and national politics for 32 years. Jackson has reported for Associated Press, the WALL STREET JOURNAL and CNN, where he pioneered the "adwatch" and "factcheck" form of stories debunking false and misleading political statements starting with the Presidential election of 1992. Currently, Jackson serves as director of Annenberg Political Fact Check, a nonpartisan, nonprofit, "consumer advocate" for voters. His Web site,, a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, is dedicated to holding candidates accountable for the dubious factual claims and outright falsehoods tossed around in the presidential campaign.

David Brancaccio sits down with journalistic pioneer Helen Thomas, who, among many distinctions, became the first woman officer of the National Press Club, the first woman president of the White House Correspondents Association and the first woman member of the Gridiron Club and later its first woman president.

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Map of Burma
The Earth Conservation Corps

The Corps Idea in U.S. History

Volunteering for Beginners

U.S. Map

Environmental Resource Map

Environmental Checklist for Your Neighborhood

Woman Reading Newspaper
Author Ken Auletta and media watchdog Brooks Jackson

At-Home Media Analysis: Media Watch Resources

Journalist Helen Thomas


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Segment from the Earth Conservation Corps' pilot "Endangered Species

The ECC's Tribute to Diamond Teague

NOW's Endangered Species (17:49)

David Brancaccio talks with Helen Thomas (7:33)

Bill Moyers talks with Ken Auletta (11:50)


Endangered Species
Producer: William Brangham
Correspondent: Daniel Zwerdling
Editor: Vincent Liota

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