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This Week: Climate Change
This Week
January 23, 2004

This week on NOW:

Some environmentalists point to the deadly heat wave in Europe last summer and the bone-chilling cold in the northeast this winter as evidence of dangerous changes in the world's weather. They also contend that the energy industry has fueled a stealth campaign to confuse the public about the hard science linking greenhouse gases to erratic climate changes. NOW examines the powerful forces at work to prevent the U.S. from ratifying the Kyoto Protocol, an international treaty limiting the production of greenhouse gases most mainstream scientists believe is behind global warming. At a key UN meeting in Milan, NOW takes a behind-the-scenes look at the organized lobbying effort aimed at stopping the treaty from becoming a reality.

With Vice President Cheney and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist as conference headliners, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is sure to be a crucial event in setting the Conservative Republican agenda this year. Bill Moyers talks to David Keene, chairman of the 31st Annual CPAC and chairman of the American Conservative Union, the oldest and largest grassroots conservative organization. Keene talks to Moyers about what conservatives are thinking about on such issues as the deficit, immigration, and civil liberties, and discusses some of the divisions within the conservative movement today.

Amidst an armada of pollsters and pundits in New Hampshire this week, David Brancaccio gets an on-the-ground view from the principal of Maple Avenue Elementary School in Goffstown to find out how relevant he thinks the politics of the presidential campaign is to the lives of individual citizens. Brancaccio interviews Marc Boyd, who was named the 2004 Outstanding Elementary Principal of the Year by the New Hampshire Association of School Principals, about what really matters to the citizens of the Granite State in this first-in-the-nation presidential primary.

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Red sunset
A History of the Global Warming Concept

Debating Climate Change

Flying money

Debating the Deficit

The American Conservative Union's David Keene

NOW Campaign 2004
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Bill Moyers talks with David Keene of the American Conservative Union, (17:09)

Ode to Kyoto, (17:27)

David Brancaccio Talks with New Hampshire Voter Marc Boyd (13:57)

Now What? With Bill Moyers (2:33)


Ode to Kyoto
Producer: Bryan Myers
Correspondent: Roberta Baskin
Editor: Alison Amron

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