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April 25, 2003

This week on NOW:

This week on NOW: Bill Moyers talks to the former head of Paramount and Universal Barry Diller about his view of how deregulation has had an impact on the media industry and the quality of its product.

What does the war in Iraq mean for the rest of the Middle East? In THE GOOD WAR? NOW takes to the streets of Cairo to gauge the mood of that Arab community in the wake of the war with Iraq. The segment includes interviews with some of the Arab world's most well known writers and thinkers expressing hope for Democracy in their own country.

Bill Moyers interviews Human Rights Watch's José Miguel Vivanco about Cuba's recent crackdown on dissidents.

Almost 20 years ago, Bill Gentile traveled to Nicaragua as a photographer for Newsweek to cover the conflict between the Sandinistas and the Reagan Administration-backed Contras. Now Gentile returns to find and talk to the subjects of the photos.

In Depth

Students in Cairo

The View from Cairo

Focus on Iraq — Analysis and Insight

Satelitte dish
Barry Diller — Media Powerhouse

Media Deregulation Timeline

Cuban flag
A Nicaraguan Photo Essay by Bill Gentile

Timeline of Cuban/American Relations

José Miguel Vivanco of Human Rights Watch on Cuba


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Bill Moyers on Money, Politics and War


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The Good War?
Producers: Bryan Myers, Rick Davis
NPR Correspondent: Deborah Amos
Editor: Andrew Fredericks

Echoes of War
Producer: Bill Gentile
Editor: Amanda Zinoman

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