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This Week: Health, Wealth and Bill Gates
This Week
May 9, 2003

This week on NOW:

Why would a man who spent his life building wealth, want to give most of his money away? NOW examines health issues around the world and Bill Moyers sits down with Microsoft mogul and public health student Bill Gates.

In Depth

Bill Gates

Health, Wealth, and Bill Gates

Global Health Overview

1930s healthcare
Working for World Health

AIDS Deadly Toll

Human health
Test Your Knowledge of World Health

Lesson Plan: Responding to Global Health Issues


Talk about global health on the message boards.


Bill Moyers on the Future of Our Planet from Johannesburg


Learn more about the issues discussed on NOW

Read the complete transcript.


The Forgotten Diseases
Producer: Bryan Myers
Editor: Alison Amron

Health, Wealth, and Bill Gates
Producer: Mark Ganguzza
Editor: Rob Forlenza

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