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This Week: Capitol and Flag
This Week
May 14, 2004

This week on NOW:

As information about the prison abuse scandal in Iraq continues to be revealed, America is questioning its leadership, its national identity, and its support for a war that has been characterized as a contest between good and evil. In a Bill Moyers interview, NOW grapples with questions of ethics, morality, and responsibility arising from the Abu Ghraib scandal with distinguished philosopher and ethicist Peter Singer, author of THE PRESIDENT OF GOOD AND EVIL: THE ETHICS OF GEORGE W. BUSH.

While fast moving events in Iraq dominate the headlines, the battle of presidential election politics at home is raging. NOW goes inside the multi-million dollar ad wars on both sides that are trying to define the characters of the candidates. NOW checks the accuracy of these ads and examines how their potential impact on public opinion right now may influence the outcome in key battleground states.

Is the separation of church and state at risk? Bill Moyers interviews author Susan Jacoby about why she thinks there is a gathering threat that patriotism and religion have become inseparable in America. "The 'God is on our side thing' is extremely dangerous," she says. "We see the horrifying implications of it throughout history." Jacoby provides historical context for why our founding fathers believed that preserving the sanctity of American secularism is fundamental to democracy and crucial to both religion and government alike.

In Depth

Donkey and Elephant
The Evolution of Campaign Ads

Factchecking Campaign Ads

Campaign Finance Overview

Peter Singer

Focus on Iraq

Ethicist Peter Singer

Current Headlines: The World Reacts

Susan Jacoby
Susan Jacoby on America's Freethinking Tradition

Election 2004: Religion and Politics

Freedom of Religion Quiz


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Bill Moyers talks with Ethicist Peter Singer (18:19)

Truth in Advertising? Campaign Ads 2004 (11:26)

Bill Moyers talks with Susan Jacoby about FREETHINKERS (21:08)


Truth in Advertising?
Producer: Peter Meryash
Correspondent: David Brancaccio
Editor: Amanda Zinoman

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