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This Week: Paying for Politics
This Week
August 27, 2004

This week on NOW:

What you see of the political conventions on television is only part of the story. Behind the scenes and away from the rhetoric at the convention halls, lavish parties sponsored by corporate interests celebrate the union of money and politics. Bill Moyers interviews ABC News chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross about his reporting of the close ties between big corporate donors and the elected officials they're courting and provides a candid look at the parties that the Democrats and Republicans don't want you to see.

David Brancaccio talks to NOW's regular analysts about the state of the economy and its implications for the outcome of the elections, and whether the Republicans will be targeting their base or the undecided with their message during next week's Republican National Convention. Kevin Phillips was the chief political strategist for Richard Nixon's victory in 1968 and wrote the bombshell book EMERGING REPUBLICAN MAJORITY. Award-winning journalist Michel Martin spent more than a decade reporting on politics at THE WASHINGTON POST and THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, where she was White House Correspondent. Currently, she contributes to ABC News' NIGHTLINE, where she has been for the past decade.

"It's a deep crisis," says senior editor of IN THESE TIMES and CHICAGO TRIBUNE op-ed columnist Salim Muwakkil about the plight of black men in the inner city. "Prison occupies too much space in African-American culture. Many young people look at it as a rite of passage." Bill Moyers interviews Muwakkil about a population he says is being ravaged by an epidemic of incarceration and an issue being ignored by both candidates this election year. A journalist since 1977, Muwakkil's writing has appeared in THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW, WASHINGTON POST, NEW YORK NEWSDAY, BALTIMORE SUN, and THE TORONTO STAR, among others. Muwakkil is also a contributing author to six books, and he lectures frequently on issues of race, culture and politics.

In Depth

Campaign 2004

Paying for Politics: Campaign Finance Overview

527s and the Soft Money Loophole

Political Analyst Kevin Phillips

America Behind Bars
NIGHTLINE's Michel Martin

Salim Muwakkil from IN THESE TIMES

Prisons in America

The Environment
America's Wild Places: 40 Years of the Wilderness Act

Election 2004: Environmental Issues

UPDATE: Mercury Emissions and the EPA

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Party Favors — Convention Parties and Campaign Finance (18:15)

David Brancaccio talks with Kevin Phillips and Michel Martin (14:36)

Bill Moyers talks with Salim Muwakkil (12:01)

The Wilderness Act at 40 (5:20)


Party Favors
Producer: Brenda Breslaur
Editor: Lars Woodruffe

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