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This Week: Katrina: The Response
This Week
September 16, 2005

This week on NOW:

In the wake of Katrina, many around the nation are asking: what's next for New Orleans and the Gulf Coast? In KATRINA: THE RESPONSE, a special one-hour town hall meeting from Baton Rouge, NOW gathers a group of evacuees, rescuers, and government officials for a candid, emotional discussion of the storm, the aftermath, and the way forward. For many in the group the short and long-term future remain uncertain. "A lot of people are getting restless staying there," says Runice Governale who was evacuated with her two children from Chalmette, Louisiana, and is currently staying in a Baton Rouge shelter. "They're waiting and waiting and trying to get help. And when you turn to people to ask for help, nobody knows anything." What does the future hold for New Orleans? "We have right now an opportunity to be a living laboratory for urban revitalization," says Stephen Perry, President of the New Orleans Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau. "New Orleans is small enough to serve as a model for how do we reconstruct neighborhoods, drive neighborhood redevelopment with schools and healthcare clinics and day care."

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