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This Week: Recruiting Poster
This Week
November 25, 2005

This week on NOW:

Military recruitment has become commonplace on high school campuses thanks to a little-known provision of the education law "No Child Left Behind," which forces schools to open their doors to the military or risk losing federal funds. Schools are also being forced to turn over private information about students to the Pentagon, which has angered many parents. NOW looks at how some parents are fighting back, worried that the military is reeling in impressionable kids with deceptive pitches and by exaggerating benefits.

Minister of the Pilgrim United Church of Christ in Carlsbad, CA, Madison Shockley says separation of church and state doesn’t mean that churches can’t act in political ways. "I can't understand a definition of politics that doesn't impact every aspect of life," he tells David Brancaccio. "Whether it's seeking peace in the world, or whether it's seeking equality economically for all persons…all of these things have political ramifications." Shockley’s powerful and insightful commentaries have been published in papers across the country.

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Recruitment Poster

The New Recruitment

The National Guard and Iraq

Those Who Serve

Madison Shockley

Madison Shockley

21st Century Faith

The Christian Left?


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Reading, Writing, Recruitment (16:24)

Madison Shockley (6:17)


Reading, Writing, Recruiment
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