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This Week: Security Issues
This Week
December 2, 2005

This week on NOW:

NOW investigates the latest on potentially deadly targets for terrorists--America’s nuclear power plants, which have been the focus of increased security efforts since 9/11. While the industry and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) say the nation’s nuclear reactors are up to meeting the terrorist threat, critics believe new security measures don't go far enough and that dangerous targets, including spent nuclear fuel rods stored outside the containment domes, remain exposed to attack. The report evaluates how vulnerable the facilities are to terrorism and sheds light on the new security standards.

In October, the President signed a bill that gives broad immunity to gun manufacturers and retailers from civil law suits. And last year, the gun industry won a provision to block critical information on crime guns from reaching the public and even local law enforcement officials. Why would they do that? Insider Robert Ricker says it's because of profits. NOW talks to Ricker, the first major whistleblower from the gun industry, who says major gun manufacturers are deliberately looking the other way while some dealers sell their guns to criminals. Ricker, former executive director of the American Shooting Sports Council, is now battling the industry he used to protect and says they could do a lot more to take illegal guns off our streets.

The candidates courted them as a key vote in the last Presidential election, but are things getting better or worse for America’s struggling single women? NOW reports on what issues are important to single women through the eyes of one Nevada mom, who is trying to make ends meet in the face of skyrocketing health insurance and fuel costs.

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Nuclear Plant

Nuclear Plant Security

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Gun Legislation & Lawsuits


The Gun Debate

Life on Low Wages

Family Income Volatility


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The Gun Lobby (6:04)

Nickel and Dimed (7:04)

Weapons Of Mass Destruction?(6:28)


Weapons Of Mass Destruction?
Producer: Dan Logan
Editor: Kathi Black

The Gun Lobby
Producer: Na Eng
Editor: Kathi Black

Nickel And Dimed
Producer: Amelia Green-Dove
Editor: Judith Wolff

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