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Mehmood Family
Society and Community:
Update: A Family Divided
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UZMA NAHEED Transcript

We last reported on Anser Mehmood in late April, when he was still being held in a New Jersey jail. Since that time he has been deported back to Pakistan and has rejoined his family. We received the following e-mail from Mr. Mehmood several weeks ago.

We also have an update on the status of other post September 11 detainees.

Hi Mr Bill Moyers,

This is Anser Mehmood addressing you from Pakistan where he has recently joined his family on being released from a prison in Passaic. Tia sent to my wife a video cassette and transcript of e.mails received by you as reaction to the programme aired on PBS NOW relating to our story. I wish to thank you for picking up this story and projecting it with complete professional competence that evoked such sympathetic responses. It was an excellent production.

We are really moved by the sentiments so nicely expressed by your viewers. I also encourage you to cover what happened to me in those solitary confinement cells by American law enforcing agencies ,and the charge put to me is OVERSTAYED VISA. The expressions of your viewers shows there exist men & women with their courage of conviction who can speak their minds fearlessly in an otherwise awful fearsome atmosphere which has been mericulously created by the Bush administration that has made the Congress and Senators to agree to give up civilized rights for human beings enshrined in the constitution of USA.

The editor in DAWN a prestigious national daily of Pakistan eminently portrays this situation and for your information I reproduce the same here.

"I was recently reading about the life and time of Julius Ceaser and I came across some very interesting remarks attributed to him. I reproduce the same which should be read in the light of the posture adopted by the George W Bush immediately after 9/11.

"Beware the leader who bangs the drum of war in order to whip the citizenary into a patriotic fervour, for patriotism is indeed a double edged sword. It emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind. And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed , the leader has no need in seizing the rights of citizenary. Rather, the citizenary, infused with fear and blinded with patriotism, will offer up all their rights unto the leader and gladly so. How do I know? For this is what I have done. And I am Ceaser."

Are there any same elements amongst American people reading this?

Does this not reflect the prevailing conditions in the USA?

I must however thank you and your team for the wonderful work you are doing to help people like me held in captivity just on suspicion. Violation of immigration visa does not require so harshly treated and give mental torture to family and give tremendous financial loss by taking back very hard earned and tax paid money, business and own house, And for what just an overstayed visa. WHY ONLY ME when there are millions of others with same violation out there.

Hope to talk to you very soon and thanks again for everything.

With best regards,

Anser, Uzma & kids.

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