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Roadtrip Nation Season 12

Roadtrip Nation empowers individuals to explore who they are and what they want to do with their lives. Through a public television series, online resources, and an educational curriculum, Roadtrip Nation helps career-seekers connect to real-world professionals and discover pathways aligned with their interests.

SYR_PBS_Graphic.jpgShare Your Road

The road to a career is often paved with bumps, dead-ends and detours.  With our Share Your Road tool, professionals can pass down the lessons they've learned on their career journeys and help young people overcome the obstacles.

2014_pbs_org_bento_THEROADMAP-homepage.jpegThe Roadmap

Ever wonder, "Where am I going in life?" Get direction with The Roadmap, a quick and easy tool that gives you the information you need to start charting your way.

The Roadtrip Nation CurriculaRoadtrip Nation Experience

Roadtrip Nation Education creates self-discovery educational resources to help students align their passions to school and future careers.  

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