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Wednesday, March 4, 2015
How to Use Station Finder
How to Use PBS Station Finder

Setting a local station preference
Station Finder is a quick, easy way to get one-click access to local schedules and information throughout You'll go through the following three-step process:

STEP 1 : Tell us where you watch PBS.
Enter your zip code, or select a state from the menu.

[NOTE: For more information on entering your zip code, please review the PBS Online Privacy Policy.]

STEP 2 : Select a PBS station.
If more than one station is available in your viewing area, you will be given a choice of which local station you watch most frequently.

[NOTE: Currently, PBS Online is only able to show a single station preference per user. Later this fall, the Station Finder will be able to remember multiple stations for users in multi-station viewing areas.]

STEP 3 : Enjoy local PBS schedules and content!
Click on the TV Schedules link in the persistent navigation bar to get viewing information from your selected station. When related local content is available from your station, you'll see it automatically. You'll also be linked directly to your local station's website so that being more connected is even easier!

Changing your local station preference
You can change your local preferences anytime by returning to Station Finder and using the edit preferences buttons on the screen. Get answers to more frequently asked questions about Station Finder.

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