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Step 4- Make Tests Work for You
In this Step, we discuss the role of standardized tests in college admission. Remembering that tests are less important than courses and grades, we want you to know that tests can be opportunities for you to showcase your talents and interests, and prove yourself on nationally recognized standardized exams.

Step Four presents the test opportunities and requirements students face today. While many students may feel they are just not good test takers, they can improve their scores through practice and increasing their familiarity with the tests.

Long-term development of verbal skills is the best way to improve test performance. It is clear that most selective colleges require a combination of standardized tests like the SAT I, SAT II, and ACT, and that they use these tests to help evaluate their applicant pool.

In most cases, these colleges are looking for test scores that are in their ballpark, and a student may use his or her test scores to assess which colleges seem to be in the right admission range. However, test scores will never get an applicant into a college, and even sub-par test scores may be overlooked when paired with strong grades and courses, a pronounced learning style, or outstanding extracurricular accomplishments.
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Julie Browning
Rice University's Julie Browning, Robert Seltzer from the University of Wisconsin and Mike Mills, Director of Admissions Miami University of Ohio, reveal what test results say about you.
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