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Step 7- Read, Write, Visit
It is so important for students to visit campuses to gain an accurate picture of college life and different college models, that they cannot delay this step until after they have been admitted. Reading and consistent research about the colleges are key, and students will ask themselves two questions: what does it take to get into a particular college, and do I want to be there?

In Step Seven, we discuss the assumptions students sometimes have about different colleges, and the importance of examining a variety of social, academic, and environmental factors when reading about and visiting colleges. Deliberately contrasting a variety of institutions can help students see differences.

Students should be prepared to sit for interviews at colleges that offer these opportunities, but should recognize that many colleges do not offer on-campus interviews any more, and for the most part these interviews are for informational purposes only. Students, through their research, visits, writing to faculty members, coaches, and admission officers, and other contacts, are actually interviewing the colleges to establish whether they are appropriate places to pursue.

Careful research and planning can help students see at least most of the colleges to which they are likely to apply, and answer many outstanding questions students may have about particular environments. Then it is possible to add a few other schools, perhaps without initial campus visits, that fit the model on which a student has begun to focus.

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Lori Goldman
Lori Goldman, Dir. of Admissions and New Student Enrollment at the University of Arizona, and William Shain, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Vanderbilt University, talk about surfing the Internet on your college tour.
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