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Step 6- Find the Right Schools for You
Finding the right fit should be the guiding principle of your college admissions journey. There are likely to be many colleges and universities where you can thrive and be successful, learn and graduate in good standing. In Step Six, we encourage you to consider and explore contrasting models of colleges from among the many hundreds available to you. We discuss how to begin your research process and expose yourself to good information about colleges.

Much of college admission is about self-selection. That is, students usually apply to those schools where they seem to fit, where the academic and social life are appropriate for them. On the college side, admission officers look for students who fit their idea of their campus culture and academic demands.

We hope students will not fixate on one college as the only suitable place for them. This can, unfortunately, lead to great disappointment and a sense of failure if a student is not admitted to that college. If, however, students have developed a good sense of their needs and interests, and then find a number of colleges that could work for them, they are likely to open up several exciting options from which to choose.

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Luana Bridges
Luana Bridges, Director of Admission, Howard University, says find a school that fits you.
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