Women's Film Festival

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Women's Issues in 2020; Peace & Security; Men & Feminism

Women's Issues in 2020; Peace & Security; Men & Feminism

Primary preview on women's issues, new peace & security initiative, and Alexander De Croo


TTC Extra: Sarah Sanders Out

TTC Extra: Sarah Sanders Out

Another shift in Trump's Administration.


Millennial Voices: Let Women Coach Women

June 24, 2019

By: Olivia Baumhoer


Like most kids, my sports journey started with my parent’s signing me up for little league soccer. And like most little league soccer teams, they were coached by someones' dad. I just happened to be that someone who had to play soccer for their dad. So every weekend for years, I would go play soccer while my dad coached and all the moms cheered from the sideline. At the time, I grew up wanting to be like one of the moms who proudly watched their child from the sideline while her husband coached. It wasn’t until middle school that I encountered my first female coach. It was for our school’s volleyball team and it completed flipped my perspective on who could be a coach. I wanted to be on the field with the clipboard not on the sidelines watching the action. And all it took to ignite that spark in me was seeing someone who looked like me take on the role of a head coach.

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