July 09, 2018

The Passionate Pursuits of Angela Bowen won best documentary under the category “Women’s History U.S.” in the 2017 To the Contrary About Women and Girls film festival. To the Contrary began this now-annual film festival in 2016. This festival focuses on highlighting the rights and struggles of women, girls and diverse communities where winners will have their programming broadcast nationally on PBS. This year, we are working on our 3rd annual festival. You can watch the 2018 winning films as part of TTC on PBS and our website this December.


The Association for Women in Communications holds their own Clarion Awards, which “symbolize excellence in clear, concise communications.” The Clarion Awards have several categories, a few of them being newspapers, special events, and television. Filmmaker Jennifer Abod’s The Passionate Pursuits of Angela Bowen won best “Television Documentary Program - Local or Regional.”

Abod introduces us to a woman who hasn't been widely recognized for her achievements - Angela Bowen. The inspirational story of a young black girl who grew up during the Jim Crow era and became a classical ballerina, legendary dance teacher, black lesbian feminist activist, writer and professor.  

You can learn more about the film on her site: jenniferabod.com.

Congratulations Jennifer and Angela!