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A Selective

Timeline of 20th Century Events

"... the most important invention of the 20th century..."

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  1898     Thomson discovers the electron    
  1899     Wireless telephone invented, aspirin first marketed    
  1900     Max Planck describes quantum effect, First offshore oil well drilled  
  1901     Marconi transmits radio signal across the Atlantic, Vacuum cleaner invented
  1902     February 10 - Walter Brattain born, Carrier invents air conditioning
  1903     Wright Brothers flight
  1904     Panama Canal construction begins
  1905     Einstein described his special theory of relativity, Sperry invents gyrocompass
  1906     De Forest invents radio amplifier, Voice & music radio broadcast in US, Kellogg's sells cornflakes for the first time
  1907     Bakelite invented    
  1908     May 23 - John Bardeen born  
  1909     AT&T announces coast to coast phone system plan, GE markets electric toaster, plastic invented
1910     February 13 - William Shockley born    
1911     Amundsen reaches South Pole, Standard Oil loses anti-trust suit  
1912     De Forest invents telephone amplifier, The Titanic sinks  
1913     Ford assembly line produces Model T    
1914     Panama Canal opens    
1915     Coast to coast phone system operational, Military tank invented

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