My way is the best. I've never stopped a person, and I never will. If a person wants to stop, it's their choice. It's their choice to do what they want to do. But I've never stopped a person, and I've never asked a person for nothing. So therefore, how could a person feel intimidated by me?

What do you think the panhandler who makes in the most money in New York City looks like? What do they say?
They say the same thing I be saying. As far as looks, it might help, you know—dressing good. There's a guy named GQ, dresses conservatively, like a jacket, jeans, shoes. This is where he is at, right here at a certain time. That's why I came early, so I can do my thing, and I won't be messing his thing up. See, everybody's got to live.

What do you think the best panhandler in New York City looks like?
Me. I come in here. I never look ... because I just don't. I feel that my clothes ... There's been days that I am a little wrinkled, but I'm clean. There's been days when I came to the bank with heels on, my hair curled, dressed! And I asked for money, and I made it, and some people would say, "You dress better than me!" And I say thank you. And a lot of people would say, "Well, you don't look homeless to me," and I'd say "Thank you, I try not to." I never would look homeless.

Clean vs. dirty panhandlers?


How You Present Yourself

I Don't Ask, I'm not a Panhandler

If you were richer, would you give more to panhandlers?
Yes, I'd give more money.No, my giving wouldn't change.

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